Travel Oregon’s New Ad Campaign Is ... Understated

Tagline: “We Like It Here. You Might, Too.” (Don’t go crazy, you guys.)

By Ramona DeNies March 22, 2016

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A moment of quiet glory at Lake Billy Chinook. 

Image: Travel Oregon

Back in 2014, Travel Oregon (together with long-time creative partner Weiden & Kennedy) released its Seven Wonders of Oregon campaign—so wildly popular, it stuck around through the following year, taking on a highly respectable life independent of ad cycles.

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Tourists can come visit. Or not. Whatever.

Image: Travel Oregon

But all good things, you know? Last week, the state’s quasi-independent tourism board freshened up its messaging with a new website and seven new television spots (see below) that ask, shall we say, a little less of would-be Oregon adventurers.

“Seven Wonders was very specific,” says communications coordinator Allison Keeney. “This is more broad. We’re able to speak to the entire state. This is trying to say, you don’t have to be an adventure cyclist. You can, or you can hang out and eat an apple looking at Lake Billy Chinook.” 

Of the seven spots, just two invite physical activity: a spandex fiend in the Alvord Desert, and a high diver plunging into Crater Lake. Otherwise, we’re treated to an invitation to naptime, one actual nap, dubiously skillful kite-flying, and other low-stress pastimes, like "looking at things." Keeney picks the words “humble,” “nonchalant,” and “humorous” to describe the Oregon personality—and these are clearly the characteristics that this campaign aims to communicate. 

To what end, the soft sell? Sure, we do like it here. Also, we like naps, and eating apples. Will we be moved to book more hotel rooms after catching these ads? Well ... maybe. (Lodging taxes being Travel Oregon’s primary source of funding.) Might you, too?

"You Might Like it Here" spots:

For comparison—the "Seven Wonders of Oregon":

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