For some cyclists, commuting along the Springwater Corridor is a true perk of Portland life: miles of car-free multi-use path that connect communities from the Willamette River all the way east to Boring. But all that use means wear and tear on the corridor's trail and bridges—infrastructure that in some cases harkens back to its earlier history as a rail line. 

Add one-time funding from the city's 2014 Parks Replacement Bond to that near-constant need for repair, and the result, in recent years, has been warm-weather detours on stretches of the Springwater—just as cyclists and pedestrians pack the trail.

Prepare for more disruption this summer. Starting in June, the Springwater Corridor will be diverting an estimated 2,800 daily cyclists for bridge repair. The work will effectively shut down two stretches: one, between SE 45th and SE 55th, will require a detour south of Johnson Creek for up to seven months; the second will re-route pedestrians and cyclists between SE 174th and Circle Avenue for six to eight weeks.

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