The Insider’s Guide to Mount Hood

Cobra Dogs Eats Mount Hood

The snowboarding chefs behind the iconic hot dog truck give us their advice for where to eat on the hill.

By Matthew Trueherz Illustrations by Chris Koellig December 2, 2022 Published in the December 2022 issue of Portland Monthly

Local is a loaded term. After a decade of living and breathing Oregon mountain air, Spencer Schubert—onetime patron, then employee, and now co-owner (with friends Derek Lever and Alex “Wiz” Sherman) of the roving mountain hot dog truck Cobra Dogs—won’t claim such status. “I got in a little tiff one time with a local,” says Schubert. “It’s hard to justify what is and isn’t a local in a small ski town.” (See: the 2001 Zach Galifianakis classic Out Cold.) That said, Schubert and Co have been eating, drinking, and of course shredding the mountain for years now, and they let us in on some of their favorite spots to refuel in between their dogged pursuits of fresh powder and glacier sessions.

Glacier Public House

Schubert says this pub, affectionately nicknamed the “Ice House,” is great for large parties and has a classic brewery vibe. It’s just off the first turn into Government Camp and has a menu of craft beer, burgers, and sandwiches. 88817 Government Camp Loop 

Charlie's Mountain View

“They run the town,” says Schubert. Charlie’s is the central watering hole for locals (both honorary and legitimate). Schubert estimates the number of its chicken Caesar wraps he’s taken down to be in the hundreds, and he regularly orders late-night jalapeño poppers with a round of drinks for the table. Look for photos of regulars pinned to the wall, an 86’d list, and the attached ice cream scoop stand Volcano Cones in summer months. 88462 E Government Camp Loop 

Skyway Bar and Grill

Famous for “The Skyway Mac-N-Cheese,” which is baked, breadcrumbed, and boasts 16 (!) optional additions. Schubert says the buzzy, self-proclaimed “barbecue shack” directly off Highway 26 “seems to have made quite the name for themselves.” Skyway’s menu covers the range of expected barbecue joint fare—brisket, pulled pork, ribs, and smoked chicken, but since this is the Pacific Northwest, there’s also brined, smoked, and BBQ-slathered “slabs of tofu” to dig into on the patio or in the large indoor dining room. 71545 E Highway 26, Zigzag

Pub 26

A bit farther off the road than Skyway (“Make a left at the Thriftway and putt down a couple businesses,” says Schubert) is Pub 26. “Whatever your outdoor deed was up in the mountains, coming down and indulging in some sort of big heavy reward is always awesome.” For Schubert, that reward is the Pub 26 fried chicken sandwich, served with spicy pickles and chipotle mayo. 24371 E Welches Rd, Welches


Schubert calls Wraptitude a “great option for the broke snowboarder on the way down the hill.” He likes to call ahead and grab the Santa Fe wrap—a chipotle and pepper jack–spiked burrito with your choice of meat—from the drive-through window, but there’s a huge range of customizable wraps, burgers, sandwiches, and tacos. 67441 E Highway 26, Welches


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