You Might as Well Write a Haiku About the Columbia Gorge for Poetry Month

We can't go there now/Instead, write of waterfalls/From a safe distance

By Conner Reed April 9, 2020

Please direct all "That's a limerick, actually" feedback to [email protected] 

Trails are closed in the Columbia River Gorge to help us all keep our asses inside. This, we must remember, is a good thing, but as temperatures start to climb and our sourdough starters lose their sheen, it will also become a problem. Friends of the Columbia Gorge (the nonprofit that conserves and educates us about our favorite stretch of eroded earth) knows this, and it is taking matters into its own hands by...asking us all to write haikus. And, you know what? Sure.

April is poetry month, and haikus are easy enough to churn out, and honestly, look me in the eyes, what else do you have going on? The Spring Gorge Haiku challenge, as it is called, launched today, and it wraps at 5 p.m. on April 15. Give your best 5-7-5 to the majesty of the PNW, and your work could end up on the FotG's social channels. Even if you aren't chosen for public glory, wouldn't it be nice? A little poem about a waterfall or whatever to send to your grandma? I think it'd be nice. 

Participants can toss their haikus up on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, tagging @gorgefriends (a handle, much to my chagrin, no longer available for use by me and my gorgeous friends) and hashtagging #HaikuPoetryDay. Shyer poets can email their haikus directly to [email protected] (a URL, much to my chagrin, no longer available for use by the nonprofit I started providing support for people with gorgeous friends).

Here's Oregon's poet laureate Kim Stafford talking about why haikus rock: 


And now, the moment we've all been waiting for. Here is my entry. Read it and weep, Stafford:

Once, I went to the
Gorge with a boy I wanted
To kiss. We didn't.

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