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East Side’s Excuse to Indulge

By Kaitlyn Evans September 30, 2009


It’s safe to say that I wasn’t the only guest at last Thursday’s Indulge @ the Jupiter Hotel event feeling a bit sinful. The evening was filled with hefty samples from Portland’s budding East Side eateries, lavender and saffron infused vodkas from local distilleries, and a glimpse into the Ikea-like rooms at one of Portland’s quirkiest hotels. Thirty bucks to indulgence.

Cover Jupiter’s courtyard with a white tent and hang some colored lights, and you’ve got a venue. Indulge, like the neighborhood, wasn’t about pretentious settings. It was about the food—dazzling enough to stand on its own.

There were a few bites worth a particularly loud mention. The salt cod fritters with lemon aioli from Laurelhurst Market were so addictive, a line formed in front of the booth to wait for the ascension of the deep fryer. The savory apple bacon scones from Bakery Bar could only be described (between chews) as "creepy good" by one awestruck nosher. Juicy pork sandwiches from Meat Cheese Bread were generous enough to put a Subway foot-long with double meat to shame.

Everyone settled into the same routine for the evening: eat, and when there wasn’t room, drink. Repeat.

Thirty bucks to indulgence, with a valid excuse: all proceeds went toward Ecotrust’s Farm to School Program.

Check out some photos from the event (a guilt-free indulgence)

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