Iberian Grinder

Assemble Tabla Mediterranean Bistro chef Anthony Cafiero's Spanish-style _bocadillo_ at home. This sandwich includes ham or prosciutto with seasonal greens decorating a fresh baguette.

02/15/2010 By Deena Prichep


Cookbook Club

Food aficionados share their favorite cookbooks. The experts include some of the best chefs, writers, and teachers in the country.



The Food Lovers’ Guide

We take our food seriously here in the Rose City, so it pays to know— where it grows, where to find it, and how to prepare it. Our indispensable Food Lovers Guide...

02/15/2010 By Mike Thelin, Eva Hagberg, Martin Patail, and Kaitlyn Evans

A Famous Face

Chappelle’s Show: PDX

Wandering comic draws a crowd

01/26/2010 By Robert Runyon


Hybrid High

Out of Portland’s nine comprehensive high schools, only eight are likely to survive Portland Public Schools’ proposed redesign. Here, we’ve married a few of our favorite hoary mascots with a dose of modern-day swagger to create our own Dr. Moreau–style ch



Red Onion Thai Cuisine

Even as Thai joints spread across the city like Starbucks, Red Onion stands out from the pack with an adventurous menu.

01/19/2010 By Kaitlyn Evans

sunday supper

Guest Chef Dinners @ Thistle

McMinnville restaurant invites Portland Chefs, local wineries for dinner

01/14/2010 By Kaitlyn Evans

savory pie

Pacific Pie Company Unveils Shop

The farmers market fave opens SE storefront this Wednesday

01/04/2010 By Kaitlyn Evans

tasty tidings

Bah, Humbug!

Holiday eats for the kitchen wary

12/23/2009 By Kaitlyn Evans

Charity Events

Providence Festival of Trees Gala

Guests gather to make merry

12/22/2009 By Kaitlyn Evans

Christianity in Portland

Jesus' Favorite City

Despite a reputation as one of the "least-churched" regions in the country, Portland is a breeding ground for liberal Christianity. We sat down with a few of Portland's liberal church avant-garde and had a conversation about the value of religion.

12/11/2009 By Randy Gragg, Rachel Ritchie, and Martin Patail


Land of the Lost

4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42: if you recognize these numbers, you should check out our look at Lost's ties to Portland, and maybe even sample some of our Lost party favors.

12/11/2009 By Randy Gragg With Brian Barker


Made in Portland

The so-called "Nike of China" Li Ning moves into the Nike of America's hometown with its first stateside store.

12/10/2009 By Jason Cohen

the end. the beginning.

Goodbye Lovely Hula Hands

Hello Lovely’s Fifty-Fifty

12/07/2009 By Kaitlyn Evans


World AIDS Day

Food that will benefit the cause, today

12/01/2009 By Kaitlyn Evans

turkey day

Countdown to Thanksgiving

11/24/2009 By Kaitlyn Evans


Livestock: The Butchery of a Pig

What it takes to get it

11/12/2009 By Kaitlyn Evans