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1 An Alotto-size gelato offers four scoops, two of which must be devoted to chocolate; otherwise, add yellow cake with chocolate frosting or a fruity sorbetto. $4.75
Alotto Gelato: 931 NW 23rd Ave Find It

2 An ice cream sandwich—made with pumpkin ice cream and ginger-molasses cookies—happily marries summer and fall. $3
Two Tarts Bakery: 2309 NW Kearney St Find It

3 A chunk of ham fills this cheesy and perfectly toasted croissant, while a hint of thyme cuts the richness. $1.75
Ken’s Artisan Bakery: 338 NW 21st Ave Find It

4 The Vegan Indian Curry Tart from Little Pots & Pans Co is like a perfectly spiced samosa, but in a supremely flaky pastry shell. $5
World Cup Coffee & Tea: 1740 NW Glisan St Find It

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5 Enjoy a hint of Paris on the west bank of I-405 in the form of a ham and cheese crêpe, or for lovers, a confiture of berry preserves with whipped cream. $5
Le Happy: 1011 NW 16th Ave Find It

6 Our trail’s halfway point calls for a perfectly pulled double espresso—or try an eight-ounce latte spiked with 20 grams of 61 percent bittersweet chocolate. $2.50 or $4.50
Barista: 539 NW 13th Ave Find It

7 A noodle kugel could inspire a canoodle with its sweet noodles, custard, cinnamon, and raisins—so take a friend. $4.50
Kenny & Zuke’s Delicatessen: 1038 SW Stark St Find It

8 Grab a little pick-me-up called an affogato: espresso poured over hazelnut gelato. $3.50
Spella Caffè: SW Ninth Ave & Alder St Find It

9 A half sandwich of gorgonzola and pears on walnut levain epitomizes the Pearl Bakery’s love of pairing sweet and savory. $3.50
Pearl Bakery: 102 NW Ninth Ave Find It

10 Finish with little pockets of bright orange mac and cheese, deep-fried and cut into triangles—a very happy heart-attack snack. $5
Side Cart: SW Fifth Ave between Stark & Oak Sts Find It

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