Snack Track

Stroll the city (or hop on the streetcar) to find these happy intersections of gastronomy and economy.

By Thomas Cobb and Eva Hagberg October 9, 2009 Published in the November 2009 issue of Portland Monthly

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1 An Alotto-size gelato offers four scoops, two of which must be devoted to chocolate; otherwise, add yellow cake with chocolate frosting or a fruity sorbetto. $4.75
Alotto Gelato: 931 NW 23rd Ave Find It

2 An ice cream sandwich—made with pumpkin ice cream and ginger-molasses cookies—happily marries summer and fall. $3
Two Tarts Bakery: 2309 NW Kearney St Find It

3 A chunk of ham fills this cheesy and perfectly toasted croissant, while a hint of thyme cuts the richness. $1.75
Ken’s Artisan Bakery: 338 NW 21st Ave Find It

4 The Vegan Indian Curry Tart from Little Pots & Pans Co is like a perfectly spiced samosa, but in a supremely flaky pastry shell. $5
World Cup Coffee & Tea: 1740 NW Glisan St Find It

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5 Enjoy a hint of Paris on the west bank of I-405 in the form of a ham and cheese crêpe, or for lovers, a confiture of berry preserves with whipped cream. $5
Le Happy: 1011 NW 16th Ave Find It

6 Our trail’s halfway point calls for a perfectly pulled double espresso—or try an eight-ounce latte spiked with 20 grams of 61 percent bittersweet chocolate. $2.50 or $4.50
Barista: 539 NW 13th Ave Find It

7 A noodle kugel could inspire a canoodle with its sweet noodles, custard, cinnamon, and raisins—so take a friend. $4.50
Kenny & Zuke’s Delicatessen: 1038 SW Stark St Find It

8 Grab a little pick-me-up called an affogato: espresso poured over hazelnut gelato. $3.50
Spella Caffè: SW Ninth Ave & Alder St Find It

9 A half sandwich of gorgonzola and pears on walnut levain epitomizes the Pearl Bakery’s love of pairing sweet and savory. $3.50
Pearl Bakery: 102 NW Ninth Ave Find It

10 Finish with little pockets of bright orange mac and cheese, deep-fried and cut into triangles—a very happy heart-attack snack. $5
Side Cart: SW Fifth Ave between Stark & Oak Sts Find It

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