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Culinary Book Fair is a real page-turner

By Stacy Austin April 27, 2010


Last week’s Culinary Book Fair was one of the few events at the IACP Conference that was open to the public. Naturally, it was a veritable smorgasbord of famed cookbook scribes. While the catalog of books to peruse is long, we have compiled a short list of authors that stood out from the rows.

Ruth Reichl’s For You Mom, Finally

This follows Reichl’s memoir from last year, Not Becoming My Mother. Both contain her beautiful, heartbreaking prose about the love that a daughter has for a stern, eccentric mother. Reichl has been honored with four James Beard Awards for her culinary writing (Gourmet, NY Times, LA Times) and cooking (chef and co-owner of Berkeley’s Swallow Restaurant in from 1974 to 1977).

Janeen Sarlin’s Princess Teas Parties and Treats for Little Girls

Sarlin’s excitement about entertaining is hard to ignore. Her most recent book involves nine charming tea party themes for your own princesses at home. From Fairy Princess Tea to Cowgirl Princess Tea, Sarlin has excellent advice for throwing a party that no little girl will forget.

Albert Schmid, CCP’s The Kentucky Bourbon Cookbook

With his second book, Schmid teaches us how to consume bourbon for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and during the after-dinner drink. From salad dressings to cake, the reader quickly learns countless uses for this fiery American favorite.

Lisa Schroeder, CCP’s Mother’s Best

Not to be confused with the author who pens novels for kids and teens, this Lisa Schroeder writes about her passion for food. She brings her slow-cooked recipes her own Mother’s Bistro & Bar and Mama Mia Trattoria from her commercial kitchens to the reader’s home.

Cherie Mercer Twohy, CCP’s The I Love Trader Joe’s Cookbook

Mercer Twohy distilled her love for Trader Joe’s into a cookbook with over 150 really tasty recipes, with ingredients that can be found at everyone’s favorite snack-friendly grocery store. And it’s certainly convenient to browse recipes where you can one-stop shop to find all the ingredients. I wonder if there are any recipes for peanut butter pretzel bites?

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