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Chef Kenny Hill of Trébol is going to go to-go, Oaxacan-style, with a new food cart in Chinatown.

By Anna Sachse September 22, 2010

Kenny Hill’s new food cart in Chinatown will offer all of Trébol’s yumminess, minus the tequila.

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Kenny Hill, chef/co-owner of North Portland’s Trébol, is entering the food cart fray with the four-item-only Trébol Presents Costillas Diablas (Devil Ribs), scheduled to hit the streets on October 4th. Expect the same Oaxacan-meets-the-Northwest flavors and heavy emphasis on local, sustainably produced ingredients, but fully portable and mad cheap.

The menu: Chocolate-braised short ribs with slaw and seasonal house-made pickles ($6); a pulled braised boar torta stuffed with aged cheese and slaw ($6); and two kinds of tacos: boar and smoked tofu with peppers and greens ($1.50 each). The plan is to always offer a special as well, like chicken or beef tamales. In addition, you can get a real Mexican Coca-Cola (glass bottles, cane sugar, delicious), bottled water, and “likely some sort of tamarindo or carbonated Mexican beverage,” says Hill, all for $1 each.

At the same time, Hill is launching a Oaxacan-style, habañero-driven Devil Rib sauce (Salsa Diabla), made with chiles grown by his “farmer-buddy” in Ashland. Soon you’ll be able to find it in select stores, but for now you’ll be able to sample the spicy goodness at the cart — if you’re a fan, you can buy a bottle there for $5.

Hours and Location: The plan is to plop down at 10 a.m. in Chinatown at 2nd and Everett, and then get picked up at 2 p.m., Monday through Friday — but that’s subject to change. As this cart is 100-percent mobile, Hill has a mind to go KOi fusion with it. But not if all the hungry office workers in Chinatown looking for a quick bite (like me last week) have anything to say about it…

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