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New pastry Chef Lauren Fortgang Sweetens Le Pigeon

Get ready for the Choco Taco

By Karen Brooks October 6, 2010

Following our news that Lauren Fortgang was taking her veteran rolling pin to the highly anticipated Little Bird later this year, comes more sweet news: a new dessert role at Le Pigeon.

Double dessert duty makes sense, since:

1. Little Bird is Le Pigeon’s spin-off casual bistro project
2. Le Pigeon’s dessert list is ready for some new juice to match Gabriel’s Rucker’s high-flying creativity  
3. ahem, Fortgang’s husband, Andy, is the floor general, savvy wine guy and a key player in both ventures.  

About that taco which has newly debuted on Le Pigeon’s menu.  Think: convenience store Drumstick ice cream cone, but with a high IQ. The homemade waffle cone is shaped like a taco and filled with fresh vanilla bean ice cream, good chocolate and peanuts. But wait, there’s more! All this is served over dulce de leche and a shot of homemade horchata in a sugar-rimmed glass.  

The 31-year-old dessert wiz is just winding up with new ideas. But fear not: Le Pigeon’s classics, foie gras profiteroles and cornbread with ice cream and bacon, aren’t flying the coup any time soon.

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