A Vegan and Paleo Salute to Summer's End

Departure's Gregory Gourdet and Blossoming Lotus's Russell Van der Gunegton send off summer with a culinary celebration of peak harvest produce.

By Allison Jones August 23, 2013

What happens when Portland's Paleo-leaning powerhouse chef Gregory Gourdet of Departure teams up with Russell Van der Gunegton of Blossoming Lotus, one of the city's landmark vegan eateries? A late summer meal that anyone can enjoy.

At the third annual Summer's End Vegan dinner on September 25, guests of all dietary persuasions will dig into five decadent veg- and Paleo-friendly courses, plus fruit- and vegetable-powered cocktail pairings.

The gluten-free vegan fare will honor the apex of our local agricultural harvest, when summer's peppers, tomatoes, and corn get to share the spotlight with early fall favorites like apples, celeriac, and pears. Highlights will include:

  • A vegan charcuterie board with shiitake mushroom mousse, vegan spins on brie and pepper jack cheeses, and marinated tomato terrines
  • Corn custard topped with grilled sweet corn, tomato syrup, and sea beans
  • Smoked eggplant curry with eggplant "bacon"
  • Celeriac and macadamia nut soup with apple fritters
  • Tamari-glazed lobster mushrooms with purple potato dumplings in truffle-coconut broth
  • and desserts like grilled zucchini cake with peach ice cream and coconut caramels

Seats at Departure's summer celebration are $65 per person (optional cocktail pairings extra),
and reservations can be made by calling the restaurant at 503-802-5370

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