Breakfast Tacos and Cocktails at Uno Mas West

One of Portland’s best taquerias tackles breakfast.

By Benjamin Tepler June 18, 2014

New breakfast tacos at Uno Mas in Goose Hollow.

When we heard Uno Mas owner Oswaldo Bibiano was doing breakfast, we made a beeline for the taqueria's new Goose Hollow location on West Burnside and 19th Avenue. Why, you ask? Because Bibiano's other restaurant, Autentica, serves one of the best Mexican brunches in town, with things like cheese-stuffed entomatadas simmered in a tomato chile sauce and perfectly poached huevos en caldillo rojo (red chicken broth). At the newly opened outpost of his popular taco joint, the chef is bringing that egg-filled, chile-steeped sentiment to tacos—with a full bar in tow.

The a.m. menu feautres seven $2 options, from a guacamole-hard boiled egg number to a heavily-spiced chorizo in salsa verde. Here are our three favorites:

  • Capeada: Essentially steak and eggs, with lime and garlic-marinated sirloin tip folded into the scramble.
  • Chile Capeado: Shredded pork, cooked with chipotle and guajillo peppers, stuffed into an egg-battered jalapeno and deep-fried.
  • Chile con queso: Thick slices of salty cotija cheese, melted over fried onion and guajillo pepper.

Meanwhile, Bibiano’s eclectic morning cocktail menu ranges from gritty (a PBR tallboy and orange juice for $3) to the decadent “Just What I Needed” (Portland Roasting Co. espresso, almond-infused tequila, Bailey’s, and cream). The Uno Mas Bloody Maria is the best bet—stirred with orange and mango juice, fiery habanero- and cilantro-infused tequila, and a salsa and Clamato-steeped bloody mix.

Breakfast is served on Sundays only, and on special occasions, like the FIFA World Cup morning games (follow Uno Mas on Facebook for updates).

Uno Mas West
1914 West Burnside St.
Breakfast tacos every Sunday, 9-1 pm

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