Besaw’s Is Closing On May 29

The Northwest Portland institution closes its doors, for now.

By Benjamin Tepler April 28, 2015

Besaw’s, the 112-year-old bistro on the corner of Northwest 23rd and Savier Street, is closing up shop on May 29. After years of negotiation with current owner Cana Flug, the building’s landlord is taking over the space for redevelopment.

Besaw’s was originally intended as a beer parlor and gambling hall, which was perfect for its clientele—a booming industry full of loggers, longshoremen, and their families. When prohibition hit, Besaw’s began serving food instead of alcohol, and when prohibition was repealed, they were the first bar in Oregon to obtain a liquor license.

But there is still a glimmer of hope for Besaw’s regulars: Flug and her kitchen team are reportedly in negotiations for an undisclosed location just a few blocks away, with plans to reopen by “late summer.”

“The reality is that while we love the layers of history and the location, we’re ready to let go of the 250-square-foot kitchen with a four-burner stove,” admitted Flug.  “It’s bittersweet, but we plan to make the best of it.”

2301 NW Savier St.

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