Portland's Last-Minute Passover Meals

A handful of only-in-Portland options for the food-fueled Jewish holiday.

By Benjamin Tepler April 2, 2015

Kachka's take-home Seder plate

It’s a worst-case scenario: you’ve promised a Seder of biblical proportions (Passover is April 3-11), yet there is still leavened dough sitting in your bread box—probably a loaf of Ken’s Artisan boule or Little T’s pan de agua—and you’ve got no idea where, in this meat-obsessed city, to find a lamb shank.  

Fear not, wayward Semite, Portland’s restaurant scene always delivers.

Passover at Home

Kachka, the vodka-loving den of zakuski (Russian drinking food), is offering a take-home Seder plate on April 3 and 4 (order at [email protected]). For $30 you’ll get a Portlandia approximation for each Seder item, down to Jacobsen Salt water for dipping:

  • English Peas, Pea Tendrils, Pea Pistou, and Jacobsen Sea Salt Water
  • Confit of Parsley Root, Parsley Root Chips, and Fried Parsley
  • Lamb Chop and Beet Puree
  • Six Minute Egg
  • Sour Cherry, Rhubarb, Hazelnut, and Wine

Bonus points: Ruby Jewel Scoop Shop (Downtown and North Portland locations only) is offering special-edition ice cream flavors for the month of April, including Charoset (apple cider, Manischewitz wine-flavored ice cream with honey-roasted walnuts) and a Pistachio Matzo Brittle with vanilla ice cream and chunks of chocolate-covered matzo brittle.

Passover Out

Ice cream sundae at Morgan St. Theater

Untraditional but undoubtedly delicious, Morgan Street Theater (the ice cream pop-up from Jared Goodman) is throwing a special “dessert Seder” entitled “Let My People Go!” on April 9. No, this is not a late-breaking April fools joke. Goodman’s sweet-toothed, two-hour celebration costs $30, and includes the following courses:

  • Brown butter and asparagus ice cream, matzo brei, olive oil, parmesan, hazelnuts, sea salt
  • Almond butter ice cream, spiced broth, apricot, cacao nibs
  • Manischewitz ice cream, sponge cake, salted walnut chocolate matzo toffee, apple cider gastrique

Less adventurous eaters can check out Kenny & Zuke's First Annual Passover Seder (April 3), featuring house gefilte fish, matzoh ball soup, and slow-simmered beef ($39.75 w/ wine pairing, $23.75 for kids). Call 503-222-3354 for reservations.

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