Where to Eat This Week

Whether you need a pillowy, Jersey-style meatball parm or Latin-spiced birds drizzled in garlicky, neon green aji sauce, these are the places you must visit this week.

By Eat Beat Team November 18, 2015

Bacchis1 tdgid5

Meatball parm at Bacchi's

Image: Michael Novak

1. Go East Coast at Bacchi’s Italian Delicatessen

MUST TRY: The meatball parm: A pillowy Italian roll packed with a lineup of herby, juicy meatballs each the size of a grade schooler’s fist; blanketed in bright, spicy marinara and oozy provolone and parmesan—all courtesy of Jersey-native Mark Caso. One bite on a cold day is more warming than a Snuggie. 

2. Slurp Portland’s best take-out pho at Pho An

MUST TRY: The pho dac biet—our favorite beef noodle soup in a blind taste-test. It was the perfect balance of baker’s spices (clove, star anise, cardamom), with an even-keeled salty-sweet ratio. Coupled with fat-laced brisket, flank, tripe, and generous greenery (including herbaceous culantro), Pho An’s broth was the ultimate rainy day respite.

Chickenandguns1 jhwa64

Half bird with aji-drizzled spuds at Chicken and Guns

Image: Kelly Clarke

3. Flip winter the bird at Chicken and Guns

MUST TRY: The titular dish. It’s a smoky-good Latin-spiced and oak-fired half bird with a side of seriously amazing (baked then fried) spuds drizzled in garlicky, neon green aji sauce.  

4. Try Tastebud’s new wood-fired eats

MUST TRY: Farmers Market star Mark Doxtader is known for his flame-kissed pizzas, but an early visit to his just-opened Multnomah Village restaurant revealed two new essentials: a Caesar-style kale salad, beautifully tossed in creamy garlic dressing, Tastebud’s bagel croutons, and a blizzard of Parmesan. Finish with the terrific apple galette, with a chunk of soft ricotta for smearing.

Op1 oknqqi

Smoked turkey sandwich at Olympia Provisions Southeast 

5. Start T-Day early at Olympia Provisions Southeast

MUST TRY: Resist the urge to dive headfirst into the pile of pork in the display case, and instead order the smoked turkey sandwich. Under a griddled ciabatta roll, you’ll uncover a melty, pimento cheese-smeared wonderland with tangy collard greens, thick-cut OP bacon, and tender slices of turkey stacked high.

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