Where to Eat This Week

From vermouth cocktails at Americano to Pugliese pasta carbonara at Enzo’s, these are the things you must eat and drink this week.

By Eat Beat Team April 27, 2016

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1. Sip A Meadow for Eeyore at Americano

East Burnside’s new coffee joint-cocktail spot-James Beard temple (and one of Portland Monthly’s Best Bars 2016) is just getting going. Try A Meadow for Eeyore, a simple vermouth and soda drink flush with floral notes of honey and chamomile and a big ol’ sprig of lavender sticking out the top.

2. Eat old-school Italian at Enzo’s

We heartily recommend a visit to under-the-radar gem Enzo’s Caffe Italiano on NE Alberta, an engagingly self-confident den of hearty Puglian recipes and bracingly old-school service. Standouts include the house-made burrata, the walloping carbonara Pugliese, and cannoli that could be used in a bat-and-ball sport.   

3. Slurp an Extra Mile Smoothie at Kure Juice Bar  

We’d walk a hundred miles (or…at least a few blocks) for Portland’s best smoothie. Kure wrings maximal flavor from coconut water, coconut yogurt, and coconut meat, then whirls it into something impossibly lush and creamy, with undertones of almond butter and just enough kale to make it feel healthy.  

4. Tackle the Double Brie Burger at Little Bird 

The downtown French bistro just announced all day happy hour on Sundays (at the bar only). That means cheap cocktails (like the sweet, oaky Last Bird), discounted charcuterie boards, and a $5 Double Brie Burger. Here’s a little reminder: fantastically juicy, cloaked in cheese funk, lifted with sharp, mustardy béarnaise, then counterpunched with spicy, crunchy, pickle-intensive ketchup. Go get one.

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