Five Reasons to Celebrate Portland’s Biggest Plant-Based Booze Fest

60 beer vouchers, seven brands of cold brew, and one meatless butcher shop—find it all at the Vegan Beer & Food Festival on June 11.

By Tuck Woodstock May 25, 2016

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Hold onto your wool-free hats, folks: the Portland Vegan Beer & Food Festival is back for its second year, boasting an epic beverage menu plus live music, cruelty-free shopping, and deep fried snacks galore. Here are five reasons to get hyped: 

  1. Your ticket guarantees virtually endless pours.

We didn’t even know this was legal, but each general admission ticketholder will receive 40 vouchers, each redeemable for a pour of beer, wine, or cider. If 40 drinks aren’t enough, upgrade to a VIP pass for an additional 20 vouchers… but make sure to pace yourself, OK?

 (In case you’re wondering: no, not all beer is vegan. Some brews, like milk stouts and honey-sweetened ales, are obviously off-limits. Others use ingredients derived from animal bones, skins, tendons, and bladders in the filtering process. Yum!)  

  1. Teetotalers have an abundance of options.

Whether you’re straight-edge or simply taking a break between rounds, VBFF offers plenty of ways to keep sipping. Each attendee can enjoy unlimited pours of a variety of booze-free beverages, including 13 brands of kombucha, 16 craft soda companies, and seven types of cold brew. Best of all, non-drinkers save $10 off the ticket price. 

  1. Two words: Herbivorous Butcher. (Three more: vegan big macs.)

In a welcome departure from last year’s lineup, this year’s slate of food vendors features plant-based eateries from across the country. Among the attendees are Minneapolis-based rising star Herbivorous Butcher, whose porterhouse steaks and Sriracha brats have made national headlines; Seattle-based hot dog bicycle truck Cycle Dogs; Los Angeles comfort food stars Southern Fried Vegan and Clean South; and Doomie’s Home Cookin’, whose Big Mac knockoffs drew major lines at last year’s festival.


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  1. Of Roots and Blooms will blow your mind. 

The artists formerly known as the Cheese Plate has been crushing it at weekly Sunday pop-up Of Roots and Blooms, winning over staunch carnivores with their plant-based chowders and spicy mac & cheese. Now they’ve outdone themselves with an epic collaborative menu exclusively for VBFF, which we’re excited to unveil:

  • Mac & Cheese with Beer: beer-cheese sauce made with Culmination Brewing’s TBR, cavatappi pasta, pretzel crumbs, flaked mustard green chips, hempseed & brewer’s yeast parmesan, over baby spinach.
  • Salad with Cider-Grilled Soy Curls: soy curls with Reverend Nat’s Revival Hard Apple Cider glaze, romaine, arugula, burnt onions, roasted sweet potatoes, Miyoko’s Rustic Alpine cheese, crushed pecans, chow chow, smoked paprika croutons, dijon ranch.
  • Gazpacho with Kombucha: heirloom tomatoes, thai basil, cilantro, chilis, garden vegetables, coconut milk, Eva’s Herbucha ginger kombucha.
  • Double Stack Truffle: this chocolate truffle is made with Great Notion’s Double Stack “Northwest Breakfast Stout” featuring maple syrup and coffee, and Missionary Chocolates’ legendary coconut ganache.
  1. At least $2,500 of the proceeds will benefit Project Pooch.

According to its website, “Project Pooch has successfully paired youths incarcerated at the MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility in Woodburn, Oregon, with homeless shelter dogs since 1993. Youths… learn to train the dogs, groom them, and find them new adoptive forever homes." What’s not to love?

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And one more thing: If you’re excited about VBFF, you might also love Portland’s upcoming Really Big Vegan Bake Sale. Head to Canteen on June 5 between 10 a.m.–3 p.m. to choose from a selection of up to 100 sweet and savory treats, and don’t be afraid to try one of everything—all funds will donated to One Tail at a Time and Social Justice Fund NW. Win-win!

The 2nd annual Portland Vegan Beer & Food Festival is planned for June 11, 2016, from 1–7 p.m. (11 a.m. VIP admission). Tickets are $35 for non-alcoholic admission, $45 for general, and $65 for VIP, and are available for purchase online or at Herbivore Clothing21+.

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