Fifty Licks to Open Second Shop on E Burnside

The cart-born ice cream operation will expand to the busy restaurant turf around 28th Avenue.

By Benjamin Tepler June 22, 2016

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A double-stacked cone featuring Fifty Licks' French custard-style Oregon Strawberry ice cream and Passionfruit & Sichuan Pepper Sorbet.

Image: Allison Jones

We’ve always been major Fifty Licks fans. Sure, we like the thrill of a bone marrow-smoked cherry ice cream or the comfort of a simple mint chocolate chip just as much as the next person. But Fifty Licks owner Chad Draizin has always been able to straddle the line between out-of-the-box ice cream and plain deliciousness (a scoop of coconut-lemon-saffron, anyone?). Eat Beat has learned that Fifty Licks will open a second location at 2742 E Burnside, across the street from the Laurelhurst Theater. Tentative opening date: mid-August.

Draizin opened his ice cream cart in 2010, parking it at places like the now-defunct Good Food Here pod on Belmont. Two years ago, he opened up shop on SE Clinton street, a few doors down from the old St. Jack, riffing on the ice cream medium with affogato Cubanos and sorbet cocktails. (Check out the recipe for frozen whiskey lemonade). Recently, he churned out a boozy, 21+ “Pirate” number, made with coconut milk, Smith & Cross rum, Barbados molasses, “West Indies” spices, and chunks of frozen roasted banana. (P.S. It’s vegan).

At 1,000 square feet, the new shop (formerly vintage clothing store Rad Summer) will be slightly bigger than the Clinton location, with a similar aesthetic, counter seating at the window, bench tables, and long countertops to accommodate the impending lines. Flavors will continue to grow. On the roster for summer: pie cherry and sour cream, Muscat grape sorbet, and orange marmalade-thyme.

Dinner at Langbaan, Ken’s Pizza, or Navarre, a movie at Laurelhurst Theater, all capped with a scoop of creative, downright crave-able ice cream? That’s the perfect summer playlist if I’ve ever seen one. 

Fifty Licks Burnside
2742 E Burnside St.
Noon–11 p.m. Sun-Thurs
Noon–midnight Fri–Sat

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