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Veganz Backs Off Portland Expansion Plans

After nearly three years of rumors, the German grocery chain is seemingly no closer to opening a US location.

By Tuck Woodstock December 9, 2016

Veganz gvguhu

A Veganz location in Europe.

You know what they say: 2016 giveth, and 2016 taketh away. This categorically terrible year has robbed us of nearly 50 local restaurants, several of our most cherished pop culture icons, most of our hope for the future—and now, our long-promised outlet of German-made vegan treats. 

For nearly two years, we heard reports that German plant-based supermarket chain Veganz would open its first US location in Portland—perhaps even in the same neighborhood as locally-owned Food Fight, the city’s stalwart vegan grocery store. In March 2016, Portland Monthly reported on the fascinatingly vicious drama between Veganz fans and Food Fight loyalists, and broke the news that Veganz had changed its plans: the company would now focus on wholesale distribution of its house line of plant-based treats.

Those wholesale rumors continued for another year. Now, Veganz appears to be changing its tune yet again. According to the Portland Business Journal, the German company is putting its North American plans on the back burner while it focuses on a more domestic market. 

"There is a huge demand in Europe at the moment, and we want to satisfy that first," spokesman Fabian Steinecke told the Journal. “North America is still a target for the future! I am sorry that I can’t give you more good news.”

While many Portland vegans are bound to be disappointed by this development, there is some good news… Food Fight appears to be only weeks away from opening a new location on NE 111th and Halsey. 


FF Gateway is shaping up. Still got some weeks to go, but we can't wait to meet your dogs.

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See? We’re getting a second vegan grocery store, after all! 2016 FTW.

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