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Ben & Jerry's Announces Three New Vegan Flavors

Dairy-free ice cream lovers can now relive their dairy-full days with a pint of Cherry Garcia.

By Tuck Woodstock February 15, 2017

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Image: Ben & Jerry's

We could really use some good news and/or better stress-eating options these days, and luckily, Ben & Jerry's has delivered. One year ago today, the iconic ice cream brand delighted dairy-free dessert lovers with the debut of four fabulous vegan flavors. Now, they're expanding their lineup with three new dairy-free pints—just in time to consume while pondering a failed Valentine's Day or Sean Spicer press conference, perhaps. Get ready to dig your spoon into—can it be?— a vegan version of the cherished Cherry Garcia, or opt for the Caramel Almond Brittle, a brand-new concoction created just for non-dairy sweet tooths. Read on for the full descriptions below: 

  • Caramel Almond Brittle: Almond non-dairy frozen dessert with salted caramel swirls and pieces of almond brittle
  • Cherry Garcia: Cherry non-dairy frozen dessert with cherries and fudge flakes
  • Coconut Seven Layer Bar: Coconut non-dairy frozen dessert with fudge chunks, walnuts, and swirls of graham cracker and caramel

Oh, and dairy lovers, there's new ice creams for you as well. Think Urban Bourbon, Truffle Kerfuffle, and Oat of this Swirled (oof, a double pun!). And of course, there's nothing stopping you from trying those non-dairy desserts, too, even if you can technically stomach cow milk. 

Find the new flavors (and let us know what you think!) at your nearest Ben & Jerry's scoop shop—you can find one on Southeast Hawthorne, another downtown on Southwest Yamhill, a third on Northwest 23rd and yet another in the Pearl District. Pints will also be available at supermarkets like Safeway and Fred Meyer. What are you waiting for? Grab a spoon. Those feelings aren't going to eat themselves.

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