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Sellwood's Either/Or Expands to N Williams

The freewheeling coffee shop, mocktail lab, and chai factory will morph into a bar with a full menu in May.

By Benjamin Tepler February 19, 2018

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One of Either/Or's coffee mocktails

Image: Michael Novak

For years, Sellwood’s caffeine-fueled think tank has dreamt up wildly creative mocktails, homemade sodas, and even—for a hot second—Hong Kong wonton noodles. Either/Or owner Ro Tam is also the mastermind behind Tanglewood chai: if you drink chai in Portland, you’ve probably had her spicy, throat-warming concoction. Now, she’s signed the lease on a new space at 4003 N Williams, formerly home to Tesoaria.

The expanded Either/Or will open in May, serving its beloved flights, mocktails, sparkling teas and sodas, and a full food program of lighter, vegetarian-based breakfast until 7 p.m. Once its OLCC license is approved, Either/Or will morph into a bar by night, boozing up those mocktails and serving a full dinner program focused on small plates, with locally sourced meat and produce. Local and natural wines will be on offer, St. Reginald to Bow & Arrow. An unnamed pastry chef is also working to develop a dessert program (which will, obviously, include a serious evening coffee program).

No word on whether Tam will keep the original Sellwood shop open, but no matter what, that sweet, sweet chai will keep flowing: Tam plans to operate a coffee cart in front of the future N Williams location until the building is complete, starting in March. Thank goodness for that.

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