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Famed elBulli Dessert Whiz Albert Adrià Is Coming to Portland

One of Spain’s most well-regarded modernists will talk creative process and failure while being painted.

By Karen Brooks October 26, 2018

Albert Adrià

Image: MeetheChef

On December 4, the godfather of modern desserts, Albert Adrià, will present a talk and demo at a new event called MeetheChef at Catlin Gabel School. With his brother Ferran, Albert put molecular gastronomy front and center in the food world at elBulli, which closed a few years ago. His talk will delve into notions of innovation, the creative process, and failure, backed by an on-stage, in-the-moment painting by contemporary artist Pepe Carretero. “Artists have an inner world that we cannot see easily, which invites them to create differently,” says event founder Tania Cidoncha, who plans to do a nationwide tour of MeetheChef. “I want to bring the best of Spain to Portland, the city I have lived for seven years. I want to introduce Portland to Albert, but also Albert to Portland.” Adrià currently heads a group of progressive restaurants in Barcelona, including Tickets, Enigma, and Pakta.

Later that evening, Ataula’s Jose Chesa and Cristina Baez will bust out a seven-course meal in honor of their hero. The idea is an intimate gathering, with Adrià as guest. The $300 ticket includes wine pairings and gratuity. Who knows, maybe Adrià will burst into the kitchen and grab a pastry bag? In any event, if you know the passion of the Chesa and Baez, this will be a meal to remember. (Note: As of October 26, the Ataula dinner is sold out.)

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