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Eb & Bean to Open Third Location in Northwest Portland

The fro-yo revolutionary makes its west-side debut with more magic shell, ice cream sandwiches, and plenty of chocolate.

By Benjamin Tepler December 10, 2018

Eb & Bean’s SE Division location.

In 2014, Elizabeth Nathan changed the game for Portland fro-yo. Next-level ice cream was already a thing, but it wasn’t until Eb & Bean was born that frozen yogurt went from a “pay-by-the-pound” mall pit stop to artisan status: everything made from scratch, in house, or from the city’s top crafters, with oodles of options for the dairy and gluten-adverse.

And, in late winter/early spring, Nathan will make her first west-side play at 625 NW 21st, right across from Cinema 21. 

What’s in store for the new location and her growing fro-yo empire? 

  • Non-dairy flavors galore, with almond- and coconut milk-based options that rotate monthly, from chocolate hazelnut pudding to muscovado blondie to vanilla-roasted macadamia. (All fro-yo flavors are gluten-free, except for the annual Pip’s honey-sea salt doughnut flavor. Mmm.)
  • Yet another Little Nib. The craft chocolate micro-shop debuted at Eb & Bean’s Division shop in 2017: a curated selection of cocoa and confections from all over Oregon, from Woodblock to Calvary Caramels.
  • Ice cream sandwiches in collaboration with the vegan/gluten-free cookie-makers at Sift. Flavors are still in development, but there will be a rotating selection of non-dairy options.

We’ve also got word that the new building that will house Eb & Bean is hosting three other food and drink tenants. Is Northwest 21st about to up its food game? Stay tuned for updates.  

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