Best Breakfasts 2019: Recipes

The Breakfast Hacks That Will Change Your Mornings Forever

From decadently soft scrambled eggs to the fanciest toast you'll ever eat, Portland chefs offer tricks for upgrading any morning.

By Benjamin Tepler April 23, 2019 Published in the May 2019 issue of Portland Monthly

Image: Betty Turbo

Soft Scrambled Eggs

Yes, American-style scrambled eggs are quick and easy. But for decadent, comforting, and perfect eggs for the longest, laziest of mornings, Nomad.PDX’s Ryan Fox goes the French route: low and slow. (Serves 4)

SIMMER WATER. Fill a large, straight-sided sauté pan 1/3 of the way with water, and bring to a slow simmer.

ADD THE GOODS. In a medium-size pot, add 5 whole eggs, 3 egg yolks, ¼ cup heavy cream, and 4 tbsp (half stick) butter.

WHISK AWAY. Place pot in simmering sauté pan and slowly whisk until eggs start to thicken, about 10–15 minutes.

MOAR BUTTER. Remove pot from the water and place directly over medium heat, add 4 more tbsp butter, and stir with a rubber spatula until eggs form a porridge-like consistency, about 5 minutes. Season with salt, add toppings, and serve immediately.

Make it fancy: Add freshly sliced truffle, chopped chervil, caviar, asparagus (lightly poached and sliced thin), or buttered white toast for dipping.

Image: Betty Turbo

Breakfast Toast

Cup & Bar, a clubhouse for house-roasted coffee and cacao beans, is an unlikely mecca for some of PDX’s best breakfast toasts. Why? Pastry chef Eve Kuttemann treats the slabs as one-slice meals. [Nepotism alert! Kuttemann is the sister of Portland Monthly’s news and travel editor, but she has yet to come to the office and make us all fancy toast. What gives?]

It’s all about the bread. Kuttemann’s own faves? Trifecta Field Blend #3, Tabor Bread rye, and Little T baguette.

Get saucy. Use leftover dinner sauces as your flavor base: marinara, romesco, alfredo, pesto, or chimichurri—or just rub toast with the cut half of a ripe tomato. (It’s a Spanish thing.)

Set it on fire. Try torched marshmallows, caramelized cinnamon-sugar, and brûléed bananas.

Too decadent? No such thing: buttercream frosting is a perfectly acceptable breakfast topping.

Make it fancy:

  • Romesco + grilled asparagus + soft-boiled egg + Parmesan on sourdough
  • Nutella + roasted hazelnuts + chocolate chunks + toasted mini marshmallows on whole wheat
  • Deviled ham + sliced avocado + arugula + lemon vinaigrette on pain de mie (white bread, basically)
  • Fresh sheep’s cheese + olive oil + cracked black pepper + spring vegetables on rye
  • Chocolate frosting + crushed berries + a dollop of Greek yogurt + lemon zest on brioche

Image: Betty Turbo

Breakfast Porridge

Vivienne’s Robin Wheelright makes a porridge that’s beautiful, creamy, and wildly textured—about as far from sticky oatmeal as it gets.

Give it texture. Mix cooked grains like quinoa, rice, or farro in with your oats as they cook.

Toppings galore. Toasted coconut, toasted chopped pistachios, and candied citrus zest are go-tos. Always finish your porridge with a touch of flake salt, like Maldon.

Get seasonal. Rotating sweet-tart jams and fresh and poached fruit will keep your porridge new and exciting.

Go creamy. Finish it with a dash of half-and-half, heavy cream, crème fraîche, almond milk, or even smooth nut butters. Add a spoonful of whole-milk yogurt to the center for an extra-creamy treat.

Add color. Use your fruits, grains, and other fixins to create visual variety. Think black quinoa, green pistachio, yellow lemon peel, red berries, and hot pink jam.

Make it fancy:

  • Rhubarb jam + pickled strawberries + rice
  • Maple syrup + almond butter + cocoa nib + shaved dark chocolate + pomegranate seeds + hazelnuts
  • Winter citrus (sweet grapefruit, cara cara, and blood orange) + julienned Asian pear
  • Rosé-poached apples + quince butter + almond + farro
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