Best Breakfasts 2019: Legends

5 All-Time Portland Breakfast Greats

Go. Order anything. Leave happy.

By Kelly Clarke April 23, 2019 Published in the May 2019 issue of Portland Monthly

Breakfast at Sweedeedee

Image: Karen Brooks


At this NoPo treasure, the city’s best maple-kissed corn cakes are just one piece of the perfect morning plate, nestled next to over-easy eggs, braised farm-fresh greens, and crisp bacon. Bonus: scratch pastries and good vinyl. Breakfast daily

Ha VL's soups

Image: Karen Brooks


There’s pho, and then there’s Peter Vuong’s lovingly simmered Vietnamese soups (two kinds per day)—titanic in flavor, bobbing chewy noodles and everything from snail meatballs to shredded chicken. One visit to the cozy lime-and-orange dining nook will ruin you for lesser breakfast soups forever. And you’ll thank him for it. Breakfast daily, 2738 SE 82nd Ave

The Original Pancake House

Image: Karen Brooks

The Original Pancake House

Portland gets older, the OPH stays the same: pink apron-clad servers (now sporting sneakers) to a standout collection of tender pancakes, the best still bursting with blueberries, stack to syrup. Raise a glass of pulpy-good OJ to another 66 years. Breakfast Wed–Sun

Lauretta's Jeans biscuits

Image: Karen Brooks

Lauretta Jean’s

A homey hideaway of rugged, earthy biscuits, smothered in gravy, stacked with sausage, cheddar, and tomato jam, or slathered with good butter. Plus, seasonal quiche so flavorful and flaky-crusted it’s practically a hug by the slice. Breakfast daily


Pancakes at Cameo Café

Image: Kelly Clarke

Cameo Café

A postage stamp–size Korean American diner near NE 82nd Avenue is Portland’s prime example of café as community center, where a cross-section of the city crowds in for plate-dwarfing “¼ acre” hotcakes and fluffy omelets stuffed with everything from cheddar and ham to kimchi, drizzled in sweet-fiery house hot sauce. Hugs from owner Sue Gee Lehn and occasional live jazz guitar solos come free. Breakfast daily

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