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10 Recipes to Get You Through Quarantine

Nothing takes the mind off of a pandemic like a long, delicious kitchen project.

By Benjamin Tepler March 12, 2020

Chocolate babka is the answer.

Image: Michael Novak

Yes, we recognize that it’s morbid to talk about surviving a pandemic by making soup dumplings or baking marijuana sheet cake. But the truth is, a lot of us are going to be spending much more time at home in the coming weeks. And, while stocking up on the essentials is important in case of a serious shortage, Portland-area supermarkets seem to be doing a fine job keeping shelves full of everything other than hand sanitizer and toilet paper. Here are a few recipes (all from local chefs, of course) to make this the most enjoyable house arrest possible.

… for using what’s in your emergency pantry

Chickpea Stew 

… for getting slightly stoned and forgetting, for just a moment, about the global health crisis

Texas Pecan Sheet Cake

… for taking advantage of the recouped morning commute time with your kids

Sweedeedee’s Corncakes

… for cooking quick, delicious breakfasts, because you really have to start taking this work from home thing seriously

Basic Breakfast Hacks

… for eating healthy at home because food carts are no longer a viable option

Tusk’s Grain Salad

for starting grilling season early because actually the weather is pretty fantastic

Ox’s Grilled Ribeye 

…for a sweet dinner with your loved one

Luce’s Clam Pasta 

… for serious, time-consuming kitchen projects that will prevent you from thinking about anything else

Pok Pok Wings

XLB's Soup Dumplings

Chocolate Babka

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