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Feast Portland 2022 Has Canceled Its Live Events This Year

The city's preeminent food festival will not return in its traditional format this year.

By Katherine Chew Hamilton April 26, 2022

Carlo Lamagna and others at a Feast Portland industry celebration at Bar Casa Vale in 2017

Feast Portland, the city’s preeminent food festival dating back to its first year in 2012, is canceling its live events for this year’s celebration, which were scheduled to take place from September 16 through 18. In an announcement posted on Instagram, the organizers expressed disappointment, citing challenges in the hospitality industry. 

“We want to be mindful of what we can do as a community to be more helpful and impactful, and return at a time when we’re all ready to celebrate again,” the statement read. “Feast Portland is not going away. We’re just going to pause a bit so we can come back stronger.” 

After going quiet in 2020 due to the pandemic, the festival returned in 2021, with a modified format focused on local chefs, with events spread out over the course of two months. This year would have marked Feast Portland's 10 year anniversary and its first time returning to the weekend-long format since the pandemic began. 

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