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Skidbladnir, a Former Rose City Park Food Cart, Is Reopening at Star Bar

Known for its Norwegian meatballs, lamb sandwiches, and Irish spice bags, owner Patrick Carney moves toward late-night burgers and wings.

By Katherine Chew Hamilton April 13, 2023

Skidbladnir's lamb sandwich.

Chef burnout due to the pandemic and rising costs of ingredients is, unfortunately, no new story. Patrick Carney, who owned a food cart called Skidbladnir at the Rose City Food Park, was one of those chefs, who called it quits in December 2021 after a rent increase at his cart pod. The closure was sudden, and fans of the Norwegian meatballs, which had recently won a 2021 Steamie Award from Bill Oakley, were devastated. But after a year of occasional pop-ups, Carney announced on April 13 that he would be reopening Skidbladnir at Star Bar, effective that evening.  

Skidbladnir’s Star Bar iteration (639 SE Morrison Street) will look different from its previous incarnation. The Norwegian meatballs, sadly, are off the menu—Carney says they involve too much labor for him to make alone, though they may turn up as a special. He’s focusing on burgers, a classic option called the 'Merican with lettuce, cheese, and tomato, plus a green chile burger. There’ll also be habanero-honey wings and caesar salad. For now, just a couple items are returning from the old menu: the beloved seaweed-braised lamb sandwich, now in slider form, and the Irish spice bag, the Chinese-meets-Irish dish of fried chicken and curry over fries that we wrote about with fascination back in August 2021. What’s especially exciting, though, is that Skidbladnir will now be open seven days a week from 4 p.m. until 1:30 a.m.

The Irish Spice Bag, served here with lamb.

“I’ve been coming [to Star Bar] for over 10 years, and this neighborhood needs its late-night food options,” says Carney. “Food and music is one way to bring people together. We all need healing after the past couple years, and that’s what I’m trying to do for myself and my community.”

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