Portland's First Indoor Rowing Studio Is Coming to the Pearl District

Firebrand, home to Pyrolates, Full Tilt Cycling, and FireBarre, looks to add a fourth workout to the family with the help of a community loan. Here's how to help make it happen.

By Allison Jones September 16, 2015

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Image: Firebrand

Indoor rowing is an full-body incredible workout that's low impact, core strengthening, and high intensity—but most gyms offer one or two rowing machines that fill up fast. Firebrand Sports, the Pearl District gym that has been offering creative spins on group workouts since 2012, hopes to open Portland's first indoor rowing studio this fall to combine the fun competition and community of a group fitness class with the unique workout rowing offers—and mother-daughter owners Linda and Sara Stimac are looking to the community for support. 

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Image: Firebrand

No, it's not a Kickstarter. The Urban Row campaign taps into a new model of crowdfunding—Community Sourced Capital, which taps fans of brands and concepts to create community loans in which donators become shareholders in the success of the project, and unlike other crowdfunding models, shares are repaid in full. Firebrand hopes to raise $8500 (in $50 increments) to fund new rowers, workout equipment, and improvements to the gym's facilities to ensure a late 2015 launch.

Urban Row will incorporate interval training on and off the Water Rower GX machines—futuristic, high-design wooden rowers that use a water flywheel to mimic real-water resistance. Linda and Sara Stimac hope the new studio will attract a broad clientele, including men who may not be as attracted to Firebrand's barre, Pyrolates, or Full Tilt Cycling offerings. Want to get involved? Check out the campaign for more details, or stop by Firebrand at 500 NW 14th Avenue to check out what the buzz is about.

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