Flex Your Local Pride with Portland Bridge and #PDXCarpet Yoga Pants

A partnership between Portland's Evolve Fit Wear and Goldsheep clothing lets you gaze down at our bridges and iconic carpet in your downward dog.

By Allison Jones October 5, 2015

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It seems as though Laguna Beach's handmade legging company Goldsheep has a bit of a crush on the Rose City. Known for its quirky printed yoga pants and fitness capris, the California company has two designs angling to catch the Portland market—a tribute to our beloved erstwhile airport carpet and a new collaboration with local online fitness apparel boutique Evolve Fit Wear that showcases the 11 bridges that span the Willamette.

The super-stretchy, moisture-wicking Portland Bridges Legging was designed by Evolve's manager and buyer Chelsii Coffin, who also teaches Yoga Sculpt classes at Core Power Yoga in Northwest Portland (and has already put her signature leggings to good use). In a truly modern business story, Coffin met Keri Wilson, the owner of Goldsheep via Instagram. "Keri was the perfect person to collaborate with to make sure that the leggings were high quality and really represented Portland," explains Coffin. 

Looking for more Instagram-worthy leggings? Coffin and the rest of the Evolve Fit Wear team are looking out with dozens of trendy new arrivals, from mesh cutouts to recycled fabrics to fun prints like pink pineapples, PBR cans, and bacon and eggs. 

You can find the PDX Carpet Capri Legging ($88) and Portland Bridges Legging ($96) online at

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