Sonny Bowl to Shutter, Reopen as Rabbits Cafe in Big Pink

The stalwart downtown food cart is transforming into a brick-and-mortar lunch spot.

By Tuck Woodstock November 11, 2015

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Downtown food cart Sonny Bowl has been serving up wholesome bowls and smoothies since the city’s pre-Portlandia days. Even founder Sanjay Chandrasekaran—who also owns the Sudra, Northeast Glisan's trendy vegan Indian microbar—can’t recall exactly how long it’s been open. He guesses six or seven years… or maybe eight?

These days, a “Cart For Sale” sign signals that Sonny Bowl’s days are numbered. But diehard OKQ Salad fans needn’t fear—the cart will reopen as a brick-and-mortar cafe a few blocks away, inside the U.S. Bancorp Tower. The cafe is slated to open by 2016, with the cart closing only a few days before the new location launches. 

With the new location comes a new name: Sonny Bowl will be rechristened Rabbits Cafe. The moniker is firmly tongue-in-cheek: “I was describing [the menu] to a guy in a bar, and he said, ‘Ah, rabbit food!’” Chandrasekaran recalls, chuckling.

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Indeed, the cart's menu wouldn’t look out of place at a yoga studio’s juice bar—think tahini kale topped with quinoa, chickpeas, artichoke hearts, and tempeh, or peanut butter-blueberry-avocado power smoothies—except for the prices, which look straight out of Old Portland. (Almost everything is $4 or less.)

Rabbits Cafe will offer Sonny Bowl’s beloved bowls and smoothies, with plans to add wraps and, eventually, breakfast options. Other welcome upgrades at this new space? Seating, for one. Shelter, for another. And when you’ve had neither for six or maybe eight years, what more could you ask for?

Sonny Bowl
SW 3rd & Washington
Mon–Fri, 11 am–4 pm 

Rabbits Cafe
111 SW 5th Ave
Opening Date TBD

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