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CABANA LTRMN’s tropical-themed Cabana rolls are the yacht-owning uncle of the local cannabis world. Don’t be turned off by the price: Cabana sources premium local flowers that pack a stronger punch, like Resin Rancher’s impossibly pungent Lemon Betty. $15–20

SOFRESH Sofresh grows indoor and outdoor plants year-round, forsaking pesticides and recycling water and waste. They hand-mill, destem, and hand-pack “soCones” on-site. Pass the Cannatonic, a low-THC crowd-pleaser. $16

PRūF CULTIVAR A post-dinner digestif courtesy of a ubiquitous local grower, Prūf Cultivar’s Astral Works, a smooth, calming joint—available in half-gram or one-gram sizes—sports a low dose of THC, fine for lightweights. $6–10

7 POINTS FARMS Grown indoors in a Southeast Portland lab, 7 Points’ Clean Green–certified, giant one-gram pre-rolls tend toward high-potency. Wind down the evening with their flagship Moon Puppies, a citrusy, clear, conversation-friendly burst of euphoria. $12–14

EAST FORK CULTIVARS This Southern Oregon farm makes three CBD-rich rolls— the ultimate beginner joints. (CBD is THC's mellower counterpart.) They range from nearly zero THC (Relax) to a mild shot of THC (Balance) to a 1:1 mix of CBD and THC (Create). In-laws getting in on the action? Start here. $6.50–8.50

*Availability of specific strains in pre-rolls can vary because of demand and season. Do not fret: if one low-THC strain is sold out, another is almost always available. We recommend calling dispensaries ahead of time.

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