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The 12 Tastiest Cannabis Edibles (That Won't Ruin Your Weekend)

From cheesy crackers to marshmallow bon-bons, these treats are a step above.

By Marty Patail January 30, 2018 Published in the February 2018 issue of Portland Monthly

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1. Sublingual Spray If the word “sublingual” makes you feel icky, here’s a better description of Mirth’s line of sprays: an invigorating, minty, microdosing blast of THC or CBD that’s like Binaca for adults. $30–40

2. Hard candies Bend-based Lunchbox Alchemy calls these mouth-puckering, Jolly Rancher–like suckers “squibs.” $20

3. Marshmallow Bon-Bons Pop just one of these and you’ll understand that Portland’s Leif Goods makes the most irresistible treats out there. $24–28

4. Gems From the maker of ever-popular Drip ice cream come these flamboyant, geological-inspired candy “gems”: Citrine Quartz and White Mint Illuminite. $20

5. Chocolate Coffee Beans Southeast Portland’s Grön is a chocolate specialist, and these little beans are some of its best. $16–20

6. Cheese Crisp Crackers Laurie and MaryJane’s cheesy, spicy, low-dosed biscuits pair well with afternoon teatime. $18

7. Chocolate Chip Cookies Portland’s She Don’t Know makes baked treats that fit many dietary needs. These cookies are gluten-free, but you wouldn’t know it. $25–35

8. Level+ Drinks These refreshing libations come in watermelon, ginger, or grapefruit (or pampelmousse for the LaCroix-inclined). $8

9. Gummies Wyld’s chewy, sugar-dusted delights come in strawberry, marionberry, pomegranate, and raspberry, $18–24

10. Fudge We recommend nibbling carefully on Oregon Candy Farm's decadent treats: they are the most potent desserts in this lineup. $15–20

11. Mr. Moxey’s Mints One of Seattle’s most popular edibles finally comes to Portland. These refreshing, Altoid-like mints are as mild as they come. $22–36

12. Almond Butter Bend-based Lux’s vegan butter is sweet cinnamon and vanilla goodness. $27

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