Tour the High Desert (Wink, Wink) on Bend's Inhale Trail

Central Oregon gets savvy on cannabis tourism.

By Ramona DeNies January 30, 2018 Published in the February 2018 issue of Portland Monthly

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Left: Bend dispensary High Grade Organics. Right: local nugs at Oregrown

You’re buddies with the budtenders at Farma and regularly slathered with Hana Balm. You snack on Leif’s bud bonbons and adore Grön chocolate. You’re a Portland pot lover who keeps it local—easy to do in our weedpreneurial city. So why cross the Cascades for your cannabis?

One reason: Bend’s scene is literally more chill. According to Tris Reisfar of Bend-based Blazing Trails tours, Central Oregon’s cold, dry plateau climate—perfect for ski bums—has area cultivators focused on indoor “craft” grows.

“They’re not trying to be the Budweiser of cannabis,” says Reisfar. “They’re trying to be the little corner brewery.”

Celebrate these local finds on Bend’s Inhale Trail. Coordinated by local businesses, this self-guided trek highlights more than a dozen establishments, from Kinfolk-precious dispensaries to boudoir-and-bong shops. Start with these five downtown stops. And hello, high desert! 

High Grade Organics

HGO feels like the Swedish spa of Bend dispensaries, all warm wood and succulents. Select your flower by farm, aroma profile, and eco-friendliness level—from certified Clean Green to Dragonfly Earth Medicine’s “organic” standards. Also: local vegan cheesecake. 224 SE Davis Ave

The Herb Center

Bend’s “cannabis superstore” vends 70-plus strains and an epic selection of shatters, oils, butters, crumbles, gummies, hemp wraps, and canna caramel corn. (One budtender tells us manager Brad Weedhe admits to a “shopping problem.”) 2205 NE Division St

Oregrown Industries

Central Oregon’s most ambitious indoor grower touts its sponsored athletes and collaborations with out-of-state players, like Mary’s Medicinals in Colorado and California’s PAX. Made clear from the formal service and sleek merch at this dispensary: Oregrown aims to run this town. 1199 NW Wall St

Pretty Pussycat

The sign outside this gaudy purple chalet isnt exactly ... discreet. (Holiday passersby were invited to check out Santa’s package.) But if you’re throwing a bachelorette party with lots of puff-puff —or looking to add a sex toy to your pipe purchase—the Pretty Pussycat is the cat’s meow. 1341 NE Third St, 541-317-3566

Cosmic Depot

Miss the era when pot-related shopping meant a head shop thick with incense, singing bowls, and novelty gifts? This cluttered cottage is all that and a self-proclaimed “bummer free zone,” from the pink quartz door handle to the rolling papers past a mess of bangles. 342 NE Clay Ave

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