Cannabis: Hot Boxing

It’s 2018. Of Course You Can Get Cannabis Delivered to Your Front Door.

Green Box brings pot to your porch.

By Courtney Eldridge January 30, 2018 Published in the February 2018 issue of Portland Monthly

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Marshmallow bon-bons, soaking salts, and cannabis-infused ginger beer, all delivered to your door.

From scrappy mom-and-pops to sleek bastions of award-winning interior design, the Portland metro area now boasts some 200 cannabis shops. But even upmarket dispensaries aren’t for everyone. That’s why Adrian Wayman launched his delivery service, Green Box

“I was always the person people came to and said, ‘Hey, do you know where I can get ... ?’” he says, whispering behind his own hand.

After legalization in 2015, Wayman decided to make a profession of it, investing two years of groundwork in a company that functions something like a wine club. After subscribers complete Green Box’s online questionnaire about habits and preferences, Wayman curates deliveries to suit individual tastes. So far, his clientele includes a notable number of women over 35, medical patients, and seniors. Wayman definitely favors the latter group.

“Old folks tell you,” he says. “They like something, you know. When they don’t like something, you know. Oh, I know.”

Wayman—a rare openly gay African American man in Oregon’s cannabis space—notes that Green Box is also a family business: his father-in-law acts as delivery man and consultant. That underscores the company’s selling points: accountability, privacy, and a personal relationship.

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