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Harlow's Feel-Good Elixirs and Smoothies Can Now Come with a Shot of CBD

The acclaimed plant-based restaurant adds the on-trend hemp derivative to its mix.

By Ariel Kusby March 8, 2018

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May we offer you an upgrade?

One of Portland’s most popular restaurants just got a new menu option: CBD. Harlow, renowned for organic vegetarian fare and healthy juices, now offers hemp-based menu additions to help you get that extra bit of healing out of your morning elixir. (Don't worry: with no THC added, these drinks won’t get you faded.)

For $3, customers can now add a 33-milligram dose of CBD to any of Harlow's juices, smoothies, or elixirs. Additional menu specials will come soon, including the possibility of a lavender CBD steamer with housemade cashew-hazelnut milk and honey simple syrup, and CBD-infused ice cream in the warmer months.

The appearance of new options at mainstream restaurants like Harlow reflects an overall trend of normalization when it comes to cannabis and hemp products. “Cannabis isn’t taboo anymore, so more and more people are growing curious about the benefits of CBD and enthusiastically trying it out,” says Harlow general manager Britt Galloway.

It’s no surprise that progressive Portland restaurants are ahead of the curve. “In Portland, we prioritize overall health and we want to feel good in our bodies," Galloway says. "We want to feel joyful and creative, move easily, find ways to deal with the seasonal depression that comes from a lack of sun in winter months, and in general live our best lives.”

CBD seems like a natural fit for health-conscious Harlow customers, given that its frequently cited benefits include inflammation reduction, pain relief, anxiety reduction, mood elevation, and cancer-fighting properties. “Of course we want to try that out!” says Galloway.

Whether you’re a regular CBD user or a curious first-timer, Harlow offers up some delicious ways to get calming cannabidiol oil working in your body. “CBD is great because it offers people a natural option with little-to-no psychoactive effects for pain relief,” says Luke Fletcher, director of Select CBD, one of the restaurant's brand partners. “Studies have shown that CBD has little-to-no potential for abuse or addiction, and with the growing opioid epidemic it is an extremely important option. We’re seeing that CBD is opening minds to natural options for ailments rather than just seeking another prescription from the doctor.”

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