20 Best Neighborhoods

20 Best Neighborhoods <p>For our 2007 real estate guide, we navigated the city far and wide, high and low&mdash;from a penthouse in South Waterfront to a home in the valley outside McMinnville&mdash;in search of neighborhoods ripe for good living. And our annual "Neighborhoods by the Numbers" report lists all the essential market data, from crime stats to park acreage, for the entire city and 25 suburbs. All this and a sizzling spring fashion shoot!</p>

In this issue:

Arts & Culture


Rock Star

Terry Toedtemeier quarries Oregon history to get pictures of the near and ancient past.

08/14/2012 By Camela Raymond

Eat & Drink


My Thai

A full review of Pok Pok's new indoor dining room, Whiskey Soda Lounge. Pad thai lovers need not apply.

05/19/2009 By Camas Davis


In Like Gin

A small enclave of Oregon distillers–and brewers–have rediscovered the joys of juniper.

05/19/2009 By John Chandler


Number One Bun

Just in time for spring, the Vietnamese noodle dish known as bun tom thit nuong has refreshing backyard appeal.

05/19/2009 By Christina Melander


The Good Egg

Not all eggs are created equal, unless of course they're smothered in a meaty, bacon-spiked red wine sauce.

05/19/2009 By David Welch

Travel & Outdoors


Seize the Bay

Explore the edges of the West Coast arts scene by tripping through San Francisco’s new museums and upstart galleries.

05/19/2009 By Camela Raymond