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Burn, Baby, Burn

Cooking with wood, keeping it clean and green, and bringing your stove camping – or to Kenya. First, peek behind the scenes at ADX.

By Kristin Belz September 9, 2012

Let's go behind the scenes at ADX. That's where Payan Ole-MoiYoi has been fabricating the Kenya Cookstove, which we heard about in a post last week. It's the Kickstarter project that  he and Erin Engleson are launching. They plan to go to Kenya soon to spend six months field-testing their pilot project and the prototype stove design. Getting there won't be easy - not only are they trying to raise $15,000 via the Kickstarter venture (deadline September 26), but they plan to carry some of the prototype machinery (the woodchipping machine) in their luggage.

Investors in the Kickstarter venture can get a campstove to start using right now, though; no need to travel to Kenya to test it out. Payan is making these at ADX, too. See the slide show below.


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