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By the late '80s, East Burnside's Continental Motel saw a rotating cast of junkies, ex-cons, prostitutes, and dislocated families.

Sandy and Burnside Are at the Heart of Portland’s East Side. These Three Grisly Murders Reveal Their History: From Native American trail to car mall, the Burnside-Sandy axis has seen a crime-stained past.

A Year Ago, Armed Occupiers Seized a Wildlife Refuge in Harney County—and This Oregonian Was Ready to Join: When Kenneth Medenbach joined the Malheur takeover, he had years of experience battling the federal government.

The Spirit of ’77: How the Blazers Won Portland: Forty years ago, a basketball team and a city became one.

Senator Jeff Merkley Emerges as Oregon's Leader of the Trump Resistance: The Oregon politician was a low-key liberal on the Senate’s back benches. Then came Trump.

How the Vegans Conquered Portland: Our city is America’s meat-free Shangri-la, built one vegan cronut and jackfruit wrap at a time.

Portland Artist Arvie Smith Paints the Black Experience in Blazing Color: As he nears 80, Smith—easily one of the city’s most technically skilled painters—confronts race with sardonic humor and fantastic beauty.

Meet the Oregon Attorney Suing President Trump over Climate Change: Julia Olson’s clients? The kids who will have to live through it.

Andi Zeisler and Bitch Media Pushed the World to See Pop Culture through Feminist Eyes: And it worked—almost too well.

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden Talks Russia, Republicans, and Reproductive Rights: Our man in DC says it’s going to be OK.

Male? Female? Jamie Shupe Battles for a Third Option: Portlander Jamie Shupe is the first person in the US to be legally recognized as nonbinary.

A Smart New Portland-Based Magazine Covers Travel for Women of Color: Backed by advertising giant Wieden & Kennedy, On She Goes already has a lot going on.

One of Oregon’s Most Successful Designers Makes Modesty Garb in La Grande: With a strong market among Pentecostals, Dainty Jewell’s is on track to clear $2.4 million in projected sales this year.

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