Live Coverage of Portland's Election Night 2020 Demonstrations

Protests are expected to swell tonight. We have eyes on the ground.

By Andrew Jankowski and Portland Monthly Staff November 3, 2020

Multnomah County Election personnel watch as a person dries up to a SE Portland ballot collection box to vote.

It's Tuesday, and Portlanders are preparing to gather for another night of demonstration—a ritual that, for many, stretches back to early summer, when the city first exploded in protest after the murder of George Floyd in Minnesota. It's also election day, and as the results from a political season marked by significant strife pour in from around the country, many expect those demonstrations to swell tonight.

Some Portland retailers have boarded up their storefronts, joining their counterparts in major cities across the U.S. Yesterday morning, Governor Brown declared a preemptive state of emergency and put the National Guard on notice. The city is braced for impact. And we've tapped Andrew Jankowski, who's been covering the Portland protests from their inception, to report on tonight's demonstrations live for Portland Monthly.

Follow him on Twitter @AndrewJank and check back here for live updates from the ground. He'll begin the night in East Portland.

Mac Smiff, a journalist who was arrested over the weekend while reporting on demonstrations in Vancouver, Washington after 21 year-old Kevin Peterson Jr. was killed by police, takes the mic at Rev Hall.

After additional speakers, including a member of the New Black Panther Party, discussed Peterson's vigil and historic political barriers for Black Americans, there's a break for music. 


After 20ish minutes of downtime, a march prepares to leave from Inner Southeast, near Rev Hall.

After marching past several bars and some socially distanced election parties, the crowd loops back.

It looks like the march may be winding down without much fanfare. But, quick question, has anyone seen Andrew's ID? 

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