Election 2020

What to Cook, Eat, and Drink for Election Night 2020

Prepare yourself for the best and worst with all-consuming recipes, takeout comfort food, and quarantine-approved wines.

By Katherine Chew Hamilton October 31, 2020

Baking babka is a good way to keep your hands busy and stop doomscrolling.

Image: Michael Novak

Remember election night parties? On November 8, 2016, my entire extended family made plans to eat dinner at our favorite Chinese seafood restaurant... then, once we saw the dismal early results coming in, promptly shuffled our plans to takeout so we could mope at home in our respective homes instead. 

Little did we know then that the possibility of an in-person election party would be completely off the table in 2020. But food and drink, while a key component of any celebration, can also get us through some of the toughest times—I’m speaking from personal experience as a proud member of the stress cooking (and eating) club. 

As someone who loves getting their hands into a bowl of dough or into some intricate dumpling-folding projects to relieve tension, I suggest taking a look at our list of ten recipes for quarantined home cooks. Instead of constantly doomscrolling on Twitter (because refreshing FiveThirtyEight brings back bad memories of 2016), try your hand at making chocolate babka, recreating XLB’s soup dumplings (hint: it involves gelatinized pork broth), throwing together Vivienne’s chickpea stew using pantry items, baking up a Texas pecan sheet cake (cannabis chocolate optional), or making breakfast for dinner using Portland brunch chefs’ clever hacks.

Or, if you’d rather just eat takeout and wallow—totally valid—check out our list of five comfort food spots to try. Ramen from Marukin works equally well as a celebratory food and a comfort food. Tender ricotta-rubbed chicken from Love Belizean, along with their vast selection of habanero hot sauces imported from Belize, sounds like an edible, warm (fiery) hug. Plus, you can never go wrong with pizza (from Pizza Jerk) or ice cream (from Eb & Bean—extra happiness points if you get a magic shell).

And in good times and bad, there’s always wine. For our fall issue, our editors compiled their favorite quarantine wines, including “easy drinkers that ease our reality,” as Megan Comeau of Division Wines so eloquently put it. Maybe an orange wine from Georgia is just what you need on Tuesday night...or a sub-10% ABV red wine from Hungary that you can drink in volume.

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