LISTEN: What Will Schools Look Like in the Fall?

Portland Monthly news editor Julia Silverman talks with Oregon Department of Education director Colt Gill about when schools might be able to go back to normal.

By Gabriel Granillo March 12, 2021

As the nation continues to see promising news about coronavirus vaccinations and declining case rates—dare we say—there is much reason for cautious optimism. And yet, while we transition slowly back to some semblance of normalcy, schools are very much still in question

In order for schools in Oregon to return to normal, not only do more people need to be vaccinated and case numbers need to stay low, but, also, rules on how many kids are allowed to return at once and how much personal space they all get will need to be changed.

This week on Footnotes, news editor Julia Silverman channels her fellow public school parents across the region and asks Oregon Department of Education director Colt Gill everything they want to know about when schools might be able to go back to normal—hopefully by this fall. Pretty please?


  • Colt Gill, director at the Oregon Department of Education 

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