If you want to get excited about Portland’s near future, talk to a demographer, because they foresee big things. Like more than 700,000 new Portlanders by 2035, vaulting us into the metropolitan major leagues. If you want to get a little freaked out, check out the current real estate stats—like the 11-percent jump in median home prices in just one year. Can it last? What will a bigger, more expensive Portland look and feel like? And will any of us be able to afford to live here? It’s all happening. 

In This Feature:

Why Portland’s Elected Leaders Keep Failing Despite the City’s Success

Portland is about to elect a new mayor. Again. Maybe this time, it will stick.

03/25/2016 By Zach Dundas

You Think Portland Traffic Is Bad Now?

Just wait. But all is not lost.

03/25/2016 By Marty Patail

Portland Is Changing Faster Than You Can Believe

Here are five big game changers already in the works.

03/25/2016 By Zach Dundas, Randy Gragg, and Brian Libby

Are Today’s Outskirts Tomorrow’s Bustling Urban Neighborhoods?

Hillsboro’s Orenco Station invents the anti-suburb.

03/25/2016 By Marty Patail

Four Portland Luminaries and One Transplanted Former Leader Tell Us What Our City Needs to Do

Featuring: Simple cofounder Alex Payne, Switchboard cofounder Mara Zepeda, new Hispanic Chamber prez Oscar Arana, artist Intisar Abioto, and ex-Metro president David Bragdon

03/25/2016 By Zach Dundas

Portland Neighborhoods by the Numbers 2016: The City

It’s true: Portland real estate is going crazy—and it’s wildest in places that may surprise you.

04/01/2016 By Ramona DeNies With Sika Stanton

Portland Neighborhoods by the Numbers 2016: The Suburbs

Portland real estate is booming—and that growth extends well beyond the city core.

04/01/2016 By Ramona DeNies With Sika Stanton

We've Got 19 New Facts About Portland’s Totally Insane Real Estate Market

From steepest price spikes to wealthiest hoods, we crunched the numbers. Here’s what we found.

03/25/2016 By Ramona DeNies

One Couple Turns Portland’s ADU Boom into a Plan for the Future

Here's how to make the most of 800 square feet.

03/25/2016 By Amara Holstein

Is This the Future of Weed?

Jeremy Plumb hopes to use science, medicine, and marketing to redefine marijuana.

03/25/2016 By Winston Ross

Five Young Portland Artists on the Verge

From a St. Johns rapper to a preteen actor, these are the rising stars to watch.

03/25/2016 By Fiona McCann