Molly Woodstock wrangles content for several of SagaCity’s custom clients, most notably Travel Portland and Oregon Health & Science University. Molly has also contributed to Portland Monthly since 2013, doggedly ramping up the magazine’s vegan coverage—mostly as an excuse to eat endless vegan pizza—and working to amplify queer and trans voices.

A native Oregonian, Molly spent three years at Chapman University in Orange County, earning a degree in documentary film production and vowing to never leave the Pacific Northwest again.

Good Eats

Everyday Cooking with Minimalist Baker’s Dana Shultz

We tried to talk the Portland-based cookbook author and food-blogging superstar into opening her own restaurant—did it work?

04/26/2016 By Molly Woodstock


Here’s Your Shopping List for the New Green Zebra Grocery

Green Zebra’s Lloyd District location is now open, complete with new snacks galore.

04/20/2016 By Molly Woodstock


Spider Bites, Chef Shuffles, and 400-Ingredient Bread: Drama at Harvest at the Bindery

Chef Sean Sigmon is out, Nutshell’s Sean Coryell is in, and owner Jon Steuer is literally just trying to stay alive.

04/15/2016 By Molly Woodstock


The Simple Way to Reduce Your Risk of Running Injuries

Strengthening your hips and core has never felt easier—or more important.

04/13/2016 By Molly Woodstock


LGBTQ Primary Care Clinic Opening in Southeast Portland

Cascade AIDS Project hopes to launch the new health center in 2017.

04/05/2016 By Molly Woodstock


12 Tips for Crushing Your First 5k, Half Marathon, or Anything in Between

Follow Foot Traffic owner Sean Rivers’s words of wisdom as you chase new running goals.

04/05/2016 By Molly Woodstock


Have a Healthy, Happy April with These Local Wellness Events

Take a sunset paddleboard tour, pair yoga with private beer service, score free health screenings, and polish your penny-farthing for the Portland Tweed Ride.

03/31/2016 By Molly Woodstock


Smash the Gender Binary at Babe Wax

Why Portland needs a gender-affirming, body-positive waxing salon.

03/30/2016 By Molly Woodstock


Let Two New Raw Treat Companies Sweeten Your Next Dinner Party

Local makers Nibs & Greens and Cibo Vivo craft crowd-pleasing cakes, bars, and bonbons.

03/17/2016 By Molly Woodstock


Is A(nother) Vegan Grocery Store Opening in Portland?

Why nearly everything you’ve heard about German supermarket chain Veganz’s US expansion is wrong.

03/02/2016 By Molly Woodstock

Gear Up

10 Essential Tips for Running in the Cold, Dark, and Wet

Don't hit that snooze button! Earning your winter warrior cred is easier than you'd think.

02/18/2016 By Molly Woodstock


SamplingLab, The Store Where Everything Is (Or Was) Free, Closes Permanently

Who could’ve guessed that a shop stocked with free samples wouldn’t be sustainable?

02/16/2016 By Molly Woodstock


Vegan Ben & Jerry’s Flavors Coming to Portland This Month

Prepare yourselves: pints of dairy-free Chunky Monkey are heading your way.

02/12/2016 By Molly Woodstock


Six Secrets to Fighting Seasonal Affective Disorder

The struggle is real, but these simple solutions can make a huge difference.

02/03/2016 By Molly Woodstock


Make Your Reservation for a Very Vegan Valentine’s Day

Impress your veg-friendly sweetheart with a fancy prix fixe dinner at a plant-based Portland eatery.

01/28/2016 By Molly Woodstock


Have a Healthy, Happy February with These Local Wellness Events

Cook winter soups and cricket dishes, practice partner yoga and foot fitness, and costume up for a Worst Day of the Year run or ride.

01/26/2016 By Molly Woodstock


The Wide World of Comfort (or, We’re All Gonna Die Anyway)

We scoured the city for the best warm-blanket dishes from across the globe. So go ahead, wrap your napkin around your shoulders like a Snuggie and dig in!

01/25/2016 Edited by Kelly Clarke By Karen Brooks, Ramona DeNies, Zach Dundas, Rachel Grozanick, Amy Martin, Fiona McCann, Marty Patail, Rachel Ritchie, Benjamin Tepler, and Molly Woodstock


16 Ridiculously Comforting Dishes from Around the Globe

Search out your next rainy-day dish or guilty pleasure by comfort keyword: soothing, hearty, homey, gooey, or spicy.

01/25/2016 Edited by Kelly Clarke By Benjamin Tepler, Karen Brooks, Marty Patail, Molly Woodstock, Rachel Ritchie, Ramona DeNies, and Zach Dundas


Homegrown Smoker Gets a Warm, Cozy Home

After three carts, three moves, and nearly seven years, the city’s finest meatless barbecue outfit debuts a brick-and-mortar outpost.

01/25/2016 By Molly Woodstock


Are You Wearing the Wrong Running Shoes?

A Portland footwear expert shares six steps to preventing injury and finding that perfect fit.

01/19/2016 By Molly Woodstock