The new lookbook collaboration between Hawthorne boutique Altar and NE Sandy’s cult-fave nail salon Finger Bang might as well be called “These Women Get Shit Done.” (Actual title: the more literary Ouroboros.) 

Cassie Ridgway, co-owner of Altar and sole owner of its predecessor Mag-Big, not only bangs out consistently wearable house designs for Altar’s fashion line, she co-produces the Alley 33 ready-to-wear fashion show and Unmentionable lingerie show. Her business partner, Amy Lee Fox, juggles both demands of the shop and her growing Iron Oxides jewelry line, which this year expanded into some beautiful editorial pieces—think with spiky gold shoulders and body chains fit for Rihanna. Then you have the meteoric rise of Finger Bang. In the two brief years since Glynis Olson opened her unconventional shop—with everything from vagina nail art to subtitled slasher films playing on the multiple screens—she's gained a hardcore fan base for the intricate nail art at which her techs excel. Now Olson is in the buildout process for two new locations: on SE Division and in Brooklyn, New York.

The two companies teamed for an all-hands-on-deck situation, filling their hint-of-goth lookbook with jewelry, snakes, clothing, and, of course, blinged-out nails. “The beauty of intricate nail art perfectly pairs with handcrafted jewelry, and we are blessed to work with an ever-growing cascade of local metalsmiths and jewelry makers,” Ridgway says of the collab. “This lookbook dances us out from the dark and into the light.” 

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