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Local Gifts for Fashionista Moms

From handmade jewelry, to funky totes, to vintage pieces, we've got stylish moms covered for Mother's Day.

By Shannon Daehnke April 11, 2022

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Pictured above: Wildfang's essential denim sleeveless coveralls.

If style is your thing, Portland's got all manner of goodies to up your look and slay in style. Behold, some of our favorites, for the moms who have effortlessly carried their high school ‘Best Dressed’ nomination with them well into adulthood.

Essential Short Sleeve Coverall, Wildfang Local


Image: Wildfang

Whether the mom in your life finds themselves running late to work due to an impressive amount of 8:30 AM outfit changes, or has absolutely no idea what an OOTD entails and doesn’t really care to learn, these coveralls from Wildfang are the perfect low-effort flex. Wildfang’s designs offer a more casual stand-in to traditional women’s power suits, which tend to err on either end of oversized runway to Hilary Clinton-esque (absolutely no shade to Mrs. Should-have-been-President). The coveralls come in a ton of colors, ranging from your classic, goes with everything options like black or natural, funky patterns like blooming floral, or, the sadly sold-out pistachio coveralls, which we're hoping make a timely comeback. C'mon Wildfang, we neeeeeed some. 

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Scraps Pouch Purse, Primecut  Local


Image: Primecut


Have you ever found a decorative pillow so cute it made you want to carry it around just so you could show it off to the world? No? Just us? Well, this Portland-made purse from Primecut serves elevated patchwork pillow greatness in the easily-show-off-able form of a crossbody purse. The colorful, fuzzy, off-kilter checkerboard pattern alone will guarantee compliments from trendy girlies at the Portland Flea, while the solid brass hardware and leather details make it fancy-looking enough for work. This bag combines luxury with ever-Portland handmade uniqueness, and we’re kinda obsessed with it.  

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Emerald Green Tote, Frankie and Coco Local



This tote from Frankie and Coco screams Portland, but in such a different way than the Primecut bag above that it’s hard to imagine someone who would like both. Like, you definitely prefer one of these bags over the other, and that’s OK. Different totes for different folks! This emerald green printed tote with tan vegan leather detailing is the perfect size for anything and everything that could possibly be thrown into a tote bag. Whether it be your giftee's latest Powell’s purchase that they've been carrying around for months but haven't actually opened, tangled headphones because they lost an air pod, or last year’s tragically cheesy, non-PoMo approved Mother’s Day gift, this tote can handle it.  

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Dalia Bangle, Betsy and Iya  Local



Image: Betsy and Iya


PSA: neither your mom nor your partner wants a charm bracelet from Pandora anymore, trust us. Instead, why not opt for a locally-made, ethically sourced, and actually cute braceletOur top PDX pick for non-cliché, original, ideal-for-everyday-wear jewelry is Betsy and Iya. We love the pop of color on this hand painted, stained-glass-looking masterpiece of a bangle.  

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Pearl Choker, Grayling Jewelry  Local



We're very into this tasteful twist on the classic, all-pearl beaded choker. This necklace would add a touch of elegance to any outfit, without feeling too like you're too glammed up. Grayling donates 10 meals to Feeding America for every piece sold, doesn't include nickel in their (quite affordable in terms of handmade jewelry) pieces, and has a massive selection to choose from. An all-around great company to keep in your back pocket for future gift-giving-occasions that (politely) demand jewelry. 

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Grid Square Earrings, The Baked Clay Studio Local



While handmade jewelry is not especially hard to come by in Portland, it can be difficult to distinguish quality pieces in the sea of “I bought these plastic dinosaurs and turned them into earrings” PDX artistes. Although lovely, we sometimes have to opt for less-of-a-statement-than-dinosaurs, and when we do, our pick for artsy jewelry that doesn't skimp on quality is The Baked Clay Studio. These black-and-white grid print earrings can pair with truly anything, from power suit to graphic tee to sparkly gown. 

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Short Quilt Coat, Lucca Monnie  Local



Does your mom have an old quilt lying around they're obsessed with, but never seem to get the use out of that it deserves? Local designer Lucca Monnie Beale, owner of small business Lucca Monnie Clothing, transforms quilts into incredible, truly-one-of-a-kind jackets, sun hats, hoodies, button-ups, and more. Send over mom's favorite quilt (with her permission ... please) and wait for the magic. These coats will make mom, and any lover of all-things-quilted say something along the lines of "you know what, I should really get back into sewing." 

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Vintage Gift Card, OURstore Local


Image: OURstore


In terms of Portland-run boutiques, vintage shops make up a large slice of the retail pie. But, how are we supposed to sell you on a one-of-a-kind piece that could easily be snatched up by a resale-hungry-Depop-seller before you even get to the end of this sentence? Easy: gift cards. This seemingly simple solution to secondhand sales is something we surprisingly haven’t seen too much of in the PDX vintage scene, but secondhand shops like OURStore seem to have figured it out. Take the mom who’s been on the hunt for the perfect pair of 90’s Steve Madden platforms since the 80’s out on an iced coffee and thrifting date this Mother’s Day—trust us, she'll love it.  

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