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Everything You Need for a Portland Staycation

From wool clogs to spa getaways to handmade mugs, these gifts are for those who like to keep it cozy.

By Shannon Daehnke April 11, 2022

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Make the other moms green with envy when you set yours up for some cozy staycation delights. 

Holidays for mothers? Pah! Is that a thing? For the moms who have to be forced to take the day, or even just part of the day (...please), off, we've got all you need for some solo Netflix and chill time. 

Hand Dyed Collection, Thunderpants USA Local



Although the name of this brand reminds us of a certain early 2000s undergarment-wearing comic book superhero, this place has got some seriously cute stuff. Give the mom in your life—ideally your partner who is also a mom, if you’ve got one of those—the amazing and rare gift of comfortable bras and underwear. Thunderpants have garnered a major following for their selection of very fun patterns and serious comfort, but our current fave is their limited-edition hand-dyed collection of underwear, bralettes, bike shorts, and camis that are giving off understated, Grateful Dead-esque vibes 

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Shearling Wool Clogs, Parachute Home



These wool clogs are... well, just look at them! They're everything you've ever wanted for your feet. Parachute Home has a storefront in Northwest Portland, so what are you waiting for? These cuter-than-UGG-brand house slippers have foam soles and are comfort in a clog. Your tootsies will thank you. 

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Handpicked For You Mug, Lelu Design Local


Image: Lelu Design


This mug from Portland ceramic artist Lauren Huie is like gifting a flower that will never wilt. The hand painted design is artsy enough as is, but combine it with the speckled stoneware finish—which somehow seems to level up any piece of pottery—and you’ve got yourself a pretty great mug on (or rather, in) your hands. Lelu also sells a Handpicked For You Vase, if you’d prefer to gift flowers that can, in fact, wilt.  

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Gift Card, Knot Springs  Local

$ Any amount


Somehow neither an amusement park nor a hot spring, Knot Springs seems like a place you’d find on a resort island, or advertised on a pre-take-off Southwest commercial, not on East Burnside. And yet, there it sits, gorgeous as ever, a combination spa, gym, and “wellness social club.” Take the mom who finds herself making conversation with strangers in hot tubs on a 90-minute vacation to the Springs, which includes access to the pools, sauna, steam room, hot tubs, and cold plunge; or book them a treatment visit at the spa (On offer: a foot rub, facial, massage, the works).  

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Take-Home Spa Bundle, Löyly Local


Image: Loyly


Save mom the trip to the spa with this take-home spa bundle from Löyly (although, why would you want to do that? Maybe go ahead and book them a spa day too.) Whether gifted as an added bonus or the main event, this spa bundle—complete with a white waffle robe, a spruce, cedar, & birch-scented candle, and a spruce, epson salt, and dried flower bath concoction) will transform even the most in-need-of-a-remodel bathroom into a destination spa getaway. 

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Cloud Socks, Le Bon Shoppe


Image: Le Bon Shoppe


Have you ever felt the urge to wear your favorite pair of thick, snuggly socks out of the house, but just couldn't manage to properly shove them into your shoes without creating a chunky monstrosity?  These socks from Le Bon Shoppe are thin enough to wear with or without shoes, while simultaneously super snuggly. You can snag some of these socks online, or at Urbanite PDX, a store in SE that sources vintage and ethically produced brands. Although not PDX-made, Le Bon Shoppe is a cool find. They specialize in "slow fashion," meaning they don't mass produce their products; and, while you could easily get a set of 12 socks at Walmart for the same price, the ethics at Le Bon Shoppe rock our socks off. 

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