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Mother's Day Gifts for Sporty Moms

From stylish sportswear to panniers to chic fanny packs, we've got everything you need.

By Michelle Harris April 7, 2022

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Looking for something for the active—beyond running after toddlers and hoisting 15 pound babies over their shoulder—mother? No surprise that Portland, home to all the sportswear titans PLUS some seriously hiking-friendly hills, has you covered,  from stylish sportswear to—yes, you heard us correctly—chic fanny packs. 

Women's Syncline CC Jacket, Showers Pass Local


Image: Showers Pass

Portland weather can be, how you say, unpredictable? Stave off the sogginess with this eco-friendly, lightweight jacket that can easily be stuffed into a backpack or hip pack and whipped out on a moment's notice. Practical meets stylish, innit?  This hardshell from local apparel company Showers Pass also comes in a selection of colors—cool lavender to bright berry to classic black and more—so you can select for your personal taste

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Woodward Backpack Pannier, North St. Bags Local


Everybody knows moms need to carry a lot of . . . stuff. From band aids to diapers to endless snacks and child distractions, it all gets produced at a moment’s notice, Mary Poppins style. No need to use a carpet bag however; this locally-made backpack pannier is a much more 21st century update. It’s a backpack that converts into a pannier and mounts right onto bicycles—and there are optional pocket add-ons for secret compartments to stash snacks, diapers, flasks, what-have-you.

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Danner Merino Midweight Hiking Socks, Danner Local


Image: Danner


Whether it’s a speed walk, day hike, or a days-long trek into the Oregon wilderness, these lightweight but somehow still warm socks will keep your mama comfy throughout—we’re talking padding in all the right places—not to mention that PNW treeline looks woodsy-cute when paired with hiking boots. 

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Garmin Forerunner 245 Music, Portland Running Company Local


This one is gonna set you back a little more than a pair of socks, but for the mom who loves to hit the pavement, this swanky device tracks not only workout history but also analyzes workout progress so they can stay on top of their game. But the best part? It stores up to 500 songs, so she has her running soundtrack and fitness tracking all in one place. That means your mum can count steps to Amine or monitor their heart rate for every Reptalians song. Sweet!

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GOT Bag, Next Adventure Local


Who ever said fanny packs can’t be chic? A far cry from the 80s-era neon fanny, this adorable hip bag is modern, lightweight, and environmentally sound—plus, you know what? It looks kinda cool. Made from ocean plastic, this updated version of the throwback classic is officially a hip bag but who we kidding? Call it what you will, we want one.

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Portland Trail Blazers Color Design Yoga Mat, Rip City Clothing Co. Local


Sun salutations and basketball may not often coexist, but for the sports fanatic mom, there’s nothing like showing a little love to her favorite team. Flaunt this Blazers-themed yoga mat during her daily workout. Rose City till she dies, or at least ends up in shavasana.

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