How to Elevate Beer Can Chicken to the Throne of Delicousness

Tommy Habetz puts a Tex-Mix spin on a lowbrow classic.

06/14/2013 By Benjamin Tepler


In the Kitchen with Mark Doxtader

Farmers Market icon Mark Doxtader samples from PSU's newest vendors for the ultimate breakfast taco.

05/18/2013 Edited by Benjamin Tepler


New Potato Gnocchi

Flexitarian chef Abby Fammartino serves a spring dish almost anyone can enjoy.

04/12/2013 By Benjamin Tepler


Consider the Daiquiri

Rum enthusiast Michael Shea revives a very misunderstood classic cocktail.

03/21/2013 By Rachel Ritchie


Spring Salad

Local dough master Ken Forkish rolls out a new way to bring bread to the table.

03/15/2013 By Benjamin Tepler


Thai Tutorial

A new market brings the essential ingredients of Thai cooking to inner Southeast.

02/15/2013 By Benjamin Tepler


Get Sauced

In her new book, longtime Portland food writer Martha Holmberg simplifies the art of the saucier.

01/18/2013 By Benjamin Tepler


Three Simply Delicious Holiday Desserts

A trio of top Portland chefs share simple dessert recipes to satisfy your winter cravings.

11/16/2012 By Benjamin Tepler


Holiday Recipes from Diane Morgan

The local cookbook dynamo shares her crowd-pleasing, root-themed holiday dishes.

10/11/2012 By Benjamin Tepler


Artigiano's Pasta Perfectionist Demonstrates the Art of Fresh Fettuccine

Make this super-simple, crowd-pleasing bowl of fresh pasta.

09/14/2012 By Benjamin Tepler


Slide Show: Table to Farm

Laurelhurst Market’s lamb feast at Hawley Ranch



Laurelhurst Market Fires Up the Grill for a Late-Summer Lamb Roast

Chefs from the East Burnside steak house head to one of Oregon’s premier lamb ranches.

08/23/2012 By Benjamin Tepler


Summer Sweet

Chef Benjamin Bettinger from Paley's Place brightens up grilled summer corn with a charge of poblano aioli.

07/14/2012 By Benjamin Tepler


Grill Marks

The Texan behind Podnah's Pit has some tasty pointers for the backyard griller.

06/15/2012 By Benjamin Tepler


Indian Summer

Bollywood Theater’s chef offers an Indian take on the Northwest’s asparagus.

05/18/2012 By Benjamin Tepler


Gaucho Grilling

Greg Denton's halibut with mint chimichurri would be a welcome addition to any spring grilling get-together.

04/20/2012 By Benjamin Tepler


Spring Gleaning

Urban Gleaner Tracy Oseran shares her recipe for fava bean bruschetta.

03/23/2012 By Benjamin Tepler


Grilled Asparagus Sandwich with Bacon Relish

John Stewart of Meat Cheese Bread shares his asparagus sandwich secrets.

02/17/2012 By Benjamin Tepler


Alma's Chocolate Bread Pudding

The chocolate bread pudding recipe from local chocolatier Sarah Hart is worthy of worship.

01/20/2012 By Benjamin Tepler


The Wild Side

Venison shanks add some kick to chef Tony Meyer's osso buco recipe.

12/16/2011 By Benjamin Tepler