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These Are the 5 Best Oregon Sparkling Wines Under $40

A quintet of bubbling beauties, including a $15 bottle that "drinks way above its pay grade."

Edited by Ramona DeNies By Kate Norris September 23, 2019 Published in the October 2019 issue of Portland Monthly

Who picked these wines? Kate Norris—co-owner and winemaker of Division Winemaking Company, SE Wine Collective den mother, and chief tastemaker/tester at Oui! Wine Bar—will sleep when she’s dead.

Kramer Vineyards NV Brut Zero Dosage, Yamhill-Carlton Haven’t tasted Kim Kramer’s wines? You’re missing out! This bottling blends nonvintage base wines comprised of a mix of traditional Champagne grapes. It’s finished without added sugar for a crisp, bright fluteful. Buy Kramer Vineyards, $32

Mellen Meyer 2016 Vine(archy), Willamette Valley A brand new offering and style from the Willamette Valley’s preeminent house for méthode champenoise. Winemaker Bobby Rowett’s fun, fizzy dry Riesling is priced for every occasion and drinks way above its pay grade. (Exactly what I look for in wine!) Buy Avalon Wine, $15

Lundeen 2016 Méthode Champenoise Muscat Cuvée Patricia, Willamette Valley Third-generation farmer and winegrower Michael Lundeen makes just two barrels of this delightful muscat. Don’t come at it with preconceived notions; while floral and feminine, it’s not sweet. Perfect for apéro or dessert. Buy Avalon Wine, $34

Day Wines 2018 Mamacita Pétillant Naturel, Applegate Valley Not fined, not filtered, not dosed, and not disgorged—all of these nos add up to a resounding YES! Brianne Day’s on-trend pét-nat floral charmer features all Southern Oregon fruit, and at a low 11.8 percent alcohol, it’s a must-drink with friends. Buy Division Wine, New Seasons, $30 

Smockshop Band Pear and Grape Country Wine The first time I had this wine I ordered a second bottle right away—it’s that good! Hybrids are the rage, and this bottling shows why. Nate Ready melds pears and gewürztraminer grapes in the most delicious and fanciful way. Buy Available next spring at E&R, $33 (Try Art + Science 2016 Symbiosis foraged apple and Grüner Veltliner hybrid right now: Belmont Station, The Place, $24.)

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